End of Prior Authorization for DME Only at $7 with Sunknowledge Expert

Prior Authorization for DME

It is no secret that the prior authorization is a complex and time-consuming process and prior authorization for DME is a tedious process, as it requires in-depth knowledge and understanding with experienced resources.  With the modern technological advancement and medical progress, new process, medicine and method are always been implemented daily along with new changing prior authorization regulation. This is why experience and updated resource is needed to effectively maintain the authorization process with lesser denial. Sunknowledge Service’s ‘PriorAuth Online’ here, perfectly fit for all prior authorization problems especially prior authorization for DME.

Why ‘PriorAuth Online’ Makes a Perfect Fit for Prior Authorization for DME:

Sunknowledge Service Inc’s Prior authorization solution perfectly fit as more than 50% of our work involve in DME domain with annual revenue of 1.6 billion. In fact, our successful productive authorization solution has earned us more than 100 clientele list, including Medtronic. Our well-equipped resources ensure 100% prior authorization submission on the same day with a 1.5-2x boost in the authorization rate. It also suits as it provides full authorization starting from initiation, approval follow-up.

The prior authorization for DME process starts with gathering vital information on medical procedure, patient, and provider and then verifying and validate prior auth request with effective payer side communication. This is followed by checking the patient’s eligibility and Initiating the auth request based on the payer mandates. Once all his is done our expert covers checking the auth status, collecting relevant documents from the ordering physicians/follow up and at last updating the auth income in the PM/Billing system completing the prior authorization for DME.

Excelling in prior authorization our service does not end here, we are in fact the only RCM organization providing standalone/end to end pre-billing activities with free credential service only at $7 per hour, which no other RCM organization offers. Also choosing us as your operational extension will help you with an instant operation cost reduction by 80%. With a 97% highest first-pass collection rate and a 99.9% accuracy rate with the highest productive metric is also one of our benefits of choosing us.

For more information about how our expert can help you with a successful prior authorization for DME, call our expert over ‘no commitment calls’; we are just a call away!