How To Make A Beautiful Pillow Boxes With A Cricut Maker

Pillow Boxes

Presenting a gift to friends, family or any other beloved person on a birthday, anniversary or annual functions is the most memorable moment, both for the donor and the recipient. To make this occasion even more beautiful, pillow boxes are used to express affection, love, and gratitude. These types of encasements are specially used for the wrapping of gifts. They are named so because of their shape which is quite similar to a small-sized pillow. They are fancy and colorful in their display. Their bright full appearance makes them best suited for the occasion of delight and happiness. They can easily be printed and hence can be customized according to the desire, will, and demands of the customers. They are available in almost all the shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, and thus might be used for all types of products.

Pillow Boxes for Gifts

Nowadays, the making of a beautiful and elegant pillow container has become extremely easy with the help of a Cricut maker. It is basically the name of a die cutting machine that is able to cut hundreds of material quickly and efficiently. It can operate on a number of products from delicate paper and fabric to matboard and leather. This machine is versatile in nature and is connected with a computer system for the designing and preparation of pillow encasements.

Readymade designs:

A number of beautiful and elegant readymade designs and templates are available in the Cricut design space of the Cricut Maker. The user can select the design of his own choice for the preparation of the containers. A large variety of standard templates allow the consumers to make a practical choice, which is convenient according to the purpose of his use.


Along with an extensive range of readymade or stock templates, this innovated machine also allows the user to customize his encasement in terms of its color, shape, and design. Any type of shape can be drawn with the help of the tools provided by the software. Moreover, it also facilitates the user with the option of putting texts of various font sizes and styles on the outer surface of the wrapper. Thus, in this way, the container can be beautified according to the creative and artistic approach of the users.

Using paper foil:

After the selection of the design and shape of the container, the user is required to practically make it with the help of a paper foil. This foil is placed on a light grip mat to carry on the cutting process efficiently. Afterward, this combination is placed inside the rollers of the machine. Then the option of making it is clicked by the user on the system, and the process starts. It would take approximately three to five minutes by the machine to put the design and make the desired shape of the paper foil. The text, if written, is also printed on the surface during the whole process. After that, it is unloaded from the machine for further processing.

Shaping the container:

Then the excessive foil is cut down with hands easily as it is already half cut by the machine. After that, the paper foil is separated from light grip mat carefully. For this, a paper foil is placed on the lower side and grip mat on the upper side to prevent the foil from bending or any sort of damage whatsoever. After the separation of the two, the foil can easily be shaped into the required shape. It is done by folding the foil along the score lines.

It happens because the foil has already been bent by the die-cutting machine, and the only thing required is to bend them with hands carefully. Then, it can easily be folded into the shape of a proper container. A large number of containers can be manufactured with this process. Even sometimes, pillow boxes wholesale is also prepared from this machine because it is an extremely easy process for the fabrication of these pillow-shaped gift encasements.

Use of glue:

Once the required shape of the container is prepared, then the open side of the container is joined with the help of the adhesive. After then, one horizontal side is also glue and joined together. This site acts as the bottom or base of the container. The other and the only side which is open acts as the opening of the container. The items can, therefore, be put inside the container through this opening and can be presented to anyone.

Final product:

After this simple process, with the help of the Cricut Maker, the final product i.e., pillow encasements, can be prepared within a short span of time. A large variety of pillow boxes can be prepared with the help of this machine to make the gifts or any other product look elegant in this packaging.