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We all in the place where we are hesitant in public gathering specially about thekas nearby. Recently after ban was uplifted, we could see people standing in miles just for a bottle of any random alcohol even we have not heard of it before. Norms of social distancing was completely sabotaged just for one bottle of liquor. Alas! We all failed that day, stop, nope do not weep that early.  We are your prince charming with one nice and shining armor to rescue you with all the fears of COVID-19. We are getting your booze to you through handled by professionals delivered with love. order liquor online

Why Should You Order Liquor Online?

  • Social Distancing

Maintain the gap of 1-meter distance or standing in the huge white dedicated circle, can still risk your life with spreading of corona virus. We all know the stats what happened in our past. All that risk is covered not with insurance but by us. You do not have to step outside just use your mobile phone like you always do, that’s why mom is on your head coz of that. And place your order. And wait for something unusual happen, your liquor is travelling to you.

  • Safe Drinking

Staying relaxed at your couch with dim lights, light music in your home theater with your favorite people around you, lot of conversation old and new. Future goals and plans made, leg pulling and teaming up against one just for fun. Sounds so perfect isn’t it. that is our idea of safe drinking that we are promoting. we have lost many lives on road and we have witnessed so many mishaps due to alcohol. But say no more to it, order online now.

  • Quality Drinking

The black and duplicate in alcohol market is not a huge deal to confront with. Buying from any random outlet may always keep you in doubt about the quality that you have purchased is enough. With online delivery system we can check and notified about such incident and can be raise in public forums. Best quality in alcohol not only has health benefits but also keeps you intact with our standards.

  • Try Your Own Drink Mix

Ever wondered how those famous drinks are made like cosmopolitan or Long Island Iced Tea. They mixed few different alcohol and Boom one new drink is invented. All you need your own mini bar, or a place where you can place all the different variety of alcohols hidden back in your cabinet. Watch our videos made just for the amateur like us and be next hot party talk about while we all come from the era where driving to club or bar is the option where you can party, drinking at home still considered no by many Indian household even women drinking alcohol is a huge taboo.  

We are looking for those changes which no one cared to change through generations. We want to build young and responsible citizen who can handle their drinks and consider safe drinking. 

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