Parents’ Guide: 7 Benefits of Online Tutoring and Homeschooling Amid COVID-19

Online Tutoring and Homeschooling

The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic not only paralyzes the global business industry but also reshapes the way children learn. 

It’s because aside from the thousands of millions of workers who lost their jobs temporarily and/or permanently due to the pandemic, classes were also suspended. Since nobody expected that the virus would come this far, students ended the school year in the four corners of their home.    

However, sending students back to school and university for the next school year has become a big subject of debates in some countries. And that makes parents more anxious since the successful search for the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t still seen on the horizon. 

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On that note, here’s an article to enlighten parents about the convenience of enrolling their children in online tutoring and homeschooling during these challenging conditions. Thus, take a few more scrolls and find out why this is the best time to embrace remote learning. 

1. Allows children to learn while complying with the quarantine protocols

Allows children to learn while complying with the quarantine protocols

Your children can still learn while staying home without violating the quarantine protocols with the help of online tutoring and homeschooling. 

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With online tutoring and homeschooling, you’ll still be able to support your children’s mental development. Also, parents like you could still get a chance to provide your children with proper and better education without risking their health most especially in this scary period of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

2. Enables parents to support their child’s academic performance at home

Enables parents to support their child’s academic performance at home

If you only need something to keep your kids occupied for the remaining home quarantine days, you can get them either Math tutors or English tutors. English tutors and Math tutors are some of the most in-demand even this time of the COVID-19 since English and Math are somewhat like a global school subject. 

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Remote learning will enable you to support your children’s academic performance as well as keep them occupied even just by staying home. So, stop worrying and start welcoming the idea of online tutoring and/or homeschooling for your beloved offsprings. 

3. Eases parents’ worry while working from home

Eases parents’ worry while working from home

As a parent or guardian, you probably know the struggle of giving time for your family while working from home. Well, make things easier for you by enrolling your children in online tutoring and/or homeschool classes.

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Keep them safe and ease your worry by embracing the idea of remote learning especially during this hard situation. With the help of online tutoring or homeschooling, you no longer have to worry for your children’s health and safety as they attend their traditional schools. 

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4. Diverts children’s fear and stress during these hard times

Diverts children’s fear and stress during these hard times

With the current health and safety crisis that the whole world is facing right now, children’s emotional health is also at a serious stake. It’s normal for them to feel scared and stress towards something that they still don’t understand. 

So, support your child’s emotional health by diverting their negative emotions during these challenging times through remote learning. In online tutoring and homeschool classes, tutors provide creative methods of teaching their students, which not only boosts children’s enthusiasm to study and learn but also divert their attention to learning. 

5. Offers beneficial flexibility to learn amid the pandemic

Offers beneficial flexibility to learn amid the pandemic

Aside from the convenience that online tutoring and homeschooling give to parents, they also offer beneficial flexibility for your children to learn and study amid the pandemic period. 

You can select your desired schedule of a particular homeschool class for your child that’s the same as your work from home hours. Aside from that, you can also choose a certain course or subject you would want to enrol your child in as well as choose his/her online tutor. 

The convenience and flexibility that remote learning offers help parents to focus at work while ensuring that their child is engaged in their online academic schedule.   

6. Promotes study-life balance

Promotes study-life balance

The flexibility in choosing your desired schedule for your child’s online academic classes also promotes study-life balance, which is difficult to attain in this time of the COVID-19. 

If you don’t mind knowing, most online academic classes offer a much shorter period than that of the traditional school. That proves that online tutoring and homeschooling don’t close the doors for your child to enjoy leisure hours. 

7. 1-on-1 education motivates children to learn and study

1-on-1 education motivates children to learn and study

Several studies say that 1-on-1 education helps drive children’s willingness to learn and study. But in light of the global situation, some students tend to refuse going back to school for now due to their health and safety concerns. 

So, why not continue providing him with a proper education? This time, do it through enrolling him in online tutoring or homeschooling. 

Once you give this idea a shot, you’ll see how remote learning will boost your child’s drive to study and learn even during this challenging time. 

Conclusive words:

It’s innate for parents to think about what’s best for their children’s future. However, giving them a proper and better education is far more difficult this time due to the COVID-19 crisis.  

It’s a good thing that online tutoring and homeschooling are both available to help you with your concerns about your child’s education. And now that you’ve read the following advantages of remote learning particularly amid the pandemic, why not give it a try? 


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