Oval-Shaped Mirrors, The Trendy Design To Renovate Your Home

Oval-Shaped Mirrors

The purpose of the mirror is to brighten the dark space and make small rooms appear big. Try oval-shaped mirrors for decorating your space and make it modern, ethnic or give a vintage appeal. Hide the imperfections on your walls and give them a perfect look. 

You can use your creativity to use different styles and designs of oval-shaped wall mirrors in a big or small room. The reflections should be such that it brings happiness and calms your mind. Even after seeing yourself, you feel good and light. And the other aspect of the mirrors is giving a sophisticated look to the interiors of the room. 

How to place a Oval-Shaped Mirrors and spot a perfect position

The living room

However, mirrors can be placed in any part of the room, you just have to figure out a perfect location. The location depends on the space available and another architectural décor. In the living room, a window is a nice feature that can be used for enhancing the beauty of the room. If the outside view is serene then it is an additional benefit. 

Placing it opposite a window is a fresh idea for making the décor elaborate. The reflection of a window or its outside view is natural then it looks mesmerizing. A chandelier looks exquisite when its reflections are seen in a mirror. Place it in a perfect location where its lighting falls on the mirror. You can use a big size oval mirror or a small one that could hang on the wall. Either way, it will style your room. 

Visibility in the room

The color of the walls also affects the visibility of the room. If you use light shades then it makes the room look brighter. And adding a mirror makes it more vivacious. Moreover, if you paint the room with darker shades then it will give a cozy feeling. Placing a mirror in such a place will give a room a soft and comforting look. 

A similar rule goes for lighting. If there is natural light then the position of the mirror should be in opposition to the source of natural light. It will increase the intensity of light. And if they are placed in darker rooms, where natural light is less then mirrors make the room a little better for visibility.

Apart from natural light, if you smartly choose perfect lighting then the room will shine more.  And mirrors add on the feature of making rooms or spaces wider and beaming. 

The hallway

A perfect blend of many small size oval-shaped mirrors in the hallway looks very captivating. You can place them to attract everyone and always it is noticed. It is a good alternative to any traditional art or some gallery photo frames. 

It is also considered that these mirrors help in the flow of positive energies. If the space of the hallway is small, then oval mirrors add depth to the space and energize this space. 

You can place it above a fireplace or dining area. On the fireplace, it can give reflections of beautiful artwork which will be opposite the mirror. On the wall of the dining area, the reflections of everyone eating food are just interesting. It also gives reflections of a kitchen or you can also place some interesting paintings. 

The bedroom

This is a place where a mirror is a must and has an important purpose. Get dressed up and look at your final pose. To check whether everything is in place and looking in accordance is a benefit of having a Oval-Shaped Mirrors. And which is better than an oval mirror. You can choose a wooden frame or a polished one to give a contemporary look.  

The location should be according to the space and framework. Mostly wooden frames should be chosen for the bedroom as it matches with décor and furniture. Oval-Shaped Mirrors are less in weight and fit perfectly and seamlessly on the wall. 

Although, the mirror should be placed near the closet or chest of drawers that make the use of space-efficient. It should not face the entrance door or the bed or someone lying on the bed. 

The washroom

Hang the mirror above the sink or vanity and create a tranquil atmosphere. An oval shape is the best accessory for the bathroom. The framework should match the bathroom fittings and add depth to the room. Oval shape mirrors are a perfect combination of form and utility. 

The washroom is the place where you groom yourself. So, the mirror should have a better resolution and visibility. The mirrors convert a shabby place into beautiful décor. Make sure the mirror should be clean and tidy. 

For better reflections, the mirror should be placed in front of nice, elegant décor. Avoid placing it near the toilet seat or bathing area as it will give a shabby look. Along with a mirror, place a beautiful painting and then enhance the look of the washroom. 

Indulge a mirror in your surroundings by making it a centerpiece. Wall mantra is the best choice for selecting amazing mirrors and other décor items.