Is Outsourcing your Long Term Care Facility Billing The Right Solution for Your Practice?

Long term care facility billing
Long term care facility billing

Today more than 80% of healthcare practices are seen outsourcing their DME, HME, orthotics, infusion, Long term care facility billing, etc for better management. In fact, in this rising healthcare cost, changing regulation, and rising wage of billers and coders, outsourcing has however not only help many practices with a better billing process but also faster reimbursement rate along with helping practices focus more on patient care as well.

In fact, here are few advantages that outsourcing your Long term care facility billing might results:

  • Faster and efficient billing management – helping you with the basic activity of verifying a patient has insurance coverage to doctor office follow-up, outsourcing not only save you a lot of time but also resources and money that in-house billers end up wasting; leading to a distraction in patient care management. Efficiently ensuring correct information, outsourcing covers it all.

  • Cut down on billing and coding errors – billing mistakes is something that is inevitable. However, with outsourcing, you get a pool of expert’s continuous checking and ensuring constant follow-up resulting in lesser errors than that in in-house billing. Moreover, outsourcing organization has much more experience along with being well equipped particularly for this process whereas in-house billers had to juggle in-between administrative work, billing process as well as patient care causing numerous errors.

  • Improve productivity – as an outsourcing organization solely work on revenue cycle management, they have the most exposure to billing and coding problems and identifying obstacles in the schedule better than in-house billers; thus, helping in avoiding mistakes and reducing the rate of denial and rejection; while ensuring a faster reimbursement rate. In fact, outsourcing further helps in cutting down the operational costs as well.

  • Helps you with better patient care management – resolving all your billing problems so that you no longer have to worry about billing and reimbursement headache, outsourcing helps your practices saving time and focusing on other important work like administration, improving patient engagement, etc.

In fact today there are outsourcing organizations like Sunknowledge Services Inc which not only has excellent productivity standards but also excellent industry references across the US for its seamless billing operation and efficient billing management process at the cheapest rate of $7 per hour.

So, if you are thinking about outsourcing your Long term care facility billing, call our experts and see how our experts can help you improve your Long term care facility billing within a month’s time.