Why you Should Outsource your Ambulance Billing to Sunknowledge Services Inc?

ambulance billing
ambulance billing

Today finding the perfect in-house billing team handling all your billing and coding complexity is not only expensive but also maintaining it is quite challenging; as it is a time-consuming process. This is why the demand for outsourcing RCM organization for DME, HME orthotics, ambulance billing, etc are common in the medical billing world today. Reducing your practices’ overhead costs, there is RCM organization further helps in a better billing management process and Sunknowldge Services Inc is one such organization with more than 100s of clientele list and excellent industry references.

How Sunknowledge Services is a better solution for all your ambulance billing services:

Increasing reimbursements and decrease claim denials and rejections, our experts help our clients in focusing more on your quality care management so that you do not spend hours on constructing and interpreting the billing reports.

In fact, our experts being accurate and ensuring timely billing claims submission, and also being up-to-date on current or impending regulatory changes, further helps in faster billing management with a 99.9 % accuracy rate. With the continuous follow-up and direct doctor office call for relevant documents to ensure exact compliance with insurance firms, our experts further help in a 30 % reduction in your AR bucket as well.

Besides eliminating all the unnecessary costs in the training, infrastructure, software, etc, we additionally help in 80 % operational cost reduction; saving a lot of money for the practice.

In fact, today we are one of the RCM organization which in today’s time are not only proficient in one billing software but also in different other billing software as well; providing advantages for our clients.

Other advantages by Sunknowledge Services Inc:

  • Yearly Maintenance of compliance
  • Liability insurance of 3 million dollars coverage with up to 1 million dollar coverage per incident
  • Dedicated resources with US phone numbers accessible during all U S working days
  • No cost Dedicated Account Managers for all our clients
  • Free internal auditors assigned
  • Customized reporting according to the client’s protocol which can be done daily, weekly, or even monthly
  • Free Setup of accounts and transition.
  • No binding contract

So, call us right away and see how our experts can not only ensure a seamless ambulance billing operation but ensure a better billing management process at a cost-effective rate.