Ordering personalized bobblehead dolls in bulk


One of the best ways to promote your business with custom bobblehead dolls is to order them in bulk. Ordering personalized bobblehead dolls in bulk can save you a lot of money on promoting your business, as you can get big discounts. For bulk orders, you can expect up to 50% discount depending on the quantity ordered.

Bobblehead dolls have become a popular promotional tool for many companies. With custom bobblehead dolls, many companies can use a variety of promotional strategies to increase product sales. Here are some tips for choosing a good bulk supplier of custom bobblehead dolls for your business promotion.

Quality should be the same as ordering individual bobblehead dolls

Many suppliers downgrade their products due to bulk orders for a variety of reasons, including low prices, time constraints, and mass production. This is why many bobblehead doll makers can offer significant discounts on their products when customers order them in bulk.

However, not all providers do this. Topbobblehead.com, one of the popular bobblehead suppliers, treats bulk orders as individual orders. This means that the above factors do not degrade the quality of the final product.

A good clay material with good polishing for the final product.

A good bobblehead doll should be made of high quality clay material with bright colors and maximum durability. Some defective suppliers use low quality materials when processing bulk orders simply because they are easy to manufacture and ideal for mass production. This is the type of provider you should not select.

You need to choose a bobblehead doll supplier that uses the same quality clay material as your individual order. While creating a custom bobblehead doll, make sure the clay is fired correctly. Also, make sure they polish the final product well.

High quality custom bobblehead doll with excellent durability and flexibility

h2>A common problem many people experience when ordering bobblehead dolls in bulk is that the final product is less durable and more fragile than individual orders. This is often the case when ordering custom figures from low quality suppliers who use low quality clay materials that are neither durable nor flexible.

To avoid this problem, you need to make sure that the clay material used for custom bobblehead dolls is of high quality, durable and flexible. In this way, the final product is less likely to break. The color is less likely to fade, and the bobblehead doll is flexible and durable.


Ordering custom bobblehead dolls like doctor bobblehead in bulk is not the same as ordering individual bobblehead dolls. You may receive a significant discount on your order. But please be aware that concessions will be made to receive the final product. To avoid defective products in bulk orders, you need to choose a good supplier that maintains quality as a top priority.

Topbobblehead.com is an excellent supplier of premium quality custom bobblehead dolls for both individual and bulk orders. No matter how many custom figures you need, this service ensures you get a durable, flexible and long-lasting premium bobblehead doll.