Niira Radia revolutionising Indian healthcare sector through Nayati Healthcare


The asymmetric access to healthcare between rural and urban India has long been a major problem and it takes the collective effort from the government as well as the healthcare providers to bridge this gap. With that said, there cannot be an example more ideal than Uttar Pradesh, which, despite being the most populous state in India, has a pitiable healthcare system, especially in the remote areas.

However the situation is gradually improving, owing to some visionary leaders in the healthcare industry who are making unparalleled efforts in catering to the underprivileged and improving their health – the greatest asset anyone can have.

Today, rural people from tier 2 and tier 3 cities like Agra, Hathras and Vrindavan no longer have to travel miles to get quality healthcare treatment for themselves or their family members and if there is any one person who has made this possible, it is Niira Radia.

Revolutionizing medical care in India ever since its inception, the chairman of Nayati Healthcare has been making quality medical care accessible to the residents of poorly provisioned Braj region of Uttar Pradesh. Her primary motive is to bridge the demand-supply gap in healthcare sector of that region which led to the establishment of Nayati Medicity in Mathura and Nayati Hospital in Agra.

“Day in and day out, we see harrowing tales of people travelling great distances at great financial and emotional expense, just so that their loved ones receive the right medical treatment. Many times, they are too late in finding the right healthcare provider, and end up losing a family member or friend,” said Niira Radia.

Therefore, through Nayati, she seeks to bring tertiary and quaternary medical care facilities to those people. The healthcare provider ensures that people don’t have to travel to cities to receive specialised treatment by bringing technology and medical care together.

Over the years, Niira Radia led healthcare chain has remained one of the front runners in revolutionising medical care in India. It not only caters to the people in remote areas of Uttar Pradesh but also those in North India as well and amidst the pandemic outbreak, Nayati Healthcare has also emerged as a one of the key players in the healthcare sector.