Need Of Ready Mix Concrete In East London?


Right mix, the right choice!

Are you on board to commence a construction project but are confused about which concrete to use? Do you plan to execute and finish the project in minimal time? How can you expedite the project and increase its efficiency? Well…opt for ready mix concrete East London! Have you ever thought how much in recent years the popularity of ready-mix concrete has risen? Almost 60% of all the produced concrete is sold as pre-mix concrete. It saves time and helps in cost reduction of renting mixture, cement bags, labor and storage. Plus you get a guarantee of good quality concrete with higher durability, sustainability and consistency.

What is ready mix concrete East London?

It is a tailor-made concrete that is mixed in a batching plant compliant with standard required specifications. The plant has the capacity of manufacturing different grades and strengths of premix concrete with the same consistency and quality. The huge range of concrete contains waterproof concrete, 1 to 4-floor screed with fibers, liquid screed and other grades of concrete. The mixed concrete is then transported to the site in the transit mixers mounted over a truck.

Why should we use ready mix concrete?

Less cement wastage

The foremost benefit of a pre-mix concrete is the ease of calculating quantity to be purchased, you buy the exact amount you need in the job. While in onsite mixing projects, buyers usually overestimate the amount required.

Quick process

Pre-mix concrete is a faster process in comparison to site mixing as it requires fewer steps in its framework. On site mixing faces more obstacles in finishing the mixing job. As most companies charge an hourly rate, therefore, it is more efficient and cost-effective to go for a quicker process.

Higher quality

You know what is the drawback of onsite mixing? The variance in consistency! The ready mix concrete East London eliminates the chances of human error involved in on site mixing as it is made in a regulated environment with same quality and consistency.

Less material required

Proper mixing and better handling helps to reduce consumption of cement and additional materials like water, admixtures and aggregates while the other mixing process involves more wastage of material.

Less dependency on trained labor

The pre-mix concrete projects require staff trained in setting concrete or driving mixing. The other site mixing process requires specialists to navigate complex working conditions, this increases project cost.

Temperature control element

This concrete has an energy efficient element that helps in reducing temperature fluctuations throughout the day with its exceptional insulating abilities that saves energy.

Cost effective

Premix concrete requires less labor, transportation, storage and material. On top of that, renting and arranging mixture machine is a stress and additional cost that everyone would want to avoid.

Storage is not a problem

Arranging a storage space at site can be a huge hassle and an additional cost. Ready mix concrete East London doesn’t require storage of raw material at site. So feel stress free with ready mix concrete!