Modern interior wood column design that can be incorporated into your house

wood column design

Columns are something that can be both functional as well as decorative. To make your room and outdoor living space appealing and more interesting, you can easily incorporate columns into modern interior design. A perfectly chosen interior wood column design brings a classic feel to modern homes.

Columns are elegant and versatile elements that come in various sizes, materials, and styles. You can use these columns to decorate any living space and also create spacious and bright rooms.

Some interesting column designs that you can consider are-

  1. Central column- You can go for a wooden column in the middle of the lobby and wrap it up with rope. The combination of wood and rope makes it tactile as you can pass your fingers over it whenever you cross it. It also acts as a centre of gravity and adds to the aesthetic charm of the space.
  2. Square-shaped wooden columns- It is seen that contemporary homes opt for square-shaped wooden columns with modern finishes. Solid wood pillars that are round are considered classic. Even if the interior wood column design is minimalistic, it can still make the place look rich and traditional.
  3. Square wood columns- You can go for huge square wood columns if your space allows you to. These columns can be painted in any way you want. The columns can also be used to divide the hall into a recreational place and dining area without the need for a wall or glass.
  4. Round column- The rounded pillars look carved as well as simple. If you go for two rounded pillars they can act as a statement piece that can make any space look aesthetically pleasing. You can even go for two rounded pillars in your Pooja room to make it look stunning and appealing.
  5. Small pillars- In case you are someone who loves the concept of having columns in your home but doesn’t have enough space, you can go for small pillars. These pillars act as columns and can be used as decorative pieces in your home. You can decorate these using plants, fishbowls, candles, and creepers. You can also place the pillars on either side of the sofa at the entrance or even beside the TV unit so that you can give the space a striking appearance. If you add some light effect on the pillars you can elevate your living standard just like in the case of a 5-star hotel.

Where can you use wooden pillars in your house?

You can go for wooden pillars or columns in both home interiors or exteriors of your home. These columns can be added to the entrance, lobby, or hallway.

Advantages of having wooden columns in your home

  1. Wood is a good insulating material that can reduce heat.
  2. It can define space by acting as a room divider without using a wall or glass.
  3. You can easily paint the wooden pillar to get the desired look.
  4. Wooden columns also help to maintain the natural vibe of the place.
  5. Wood helps to maintain humidity and also cuts down heating and cooling costs in a room.
  6. Wood offers positive health benefits because it produces physiological results.
  7. It is an easy way to increase the value of the property.
  8. Wood is also a good acoustic insulator that helps in preventing noises and echoes.
  9. Wood columns complement your house’s style and make your place stand out.
  10. You can add a wooden wall clock on this wooden pillar to add to the décor theme of the room.

To Sum It Up

Columns are a great way to support the weight of the structure above them and also transmit the load to the floor. These structural square columns offer main support to the rest of the architectural interior elements.

The square and round columns add stunning accents to modern interior design and also enhance home interiors by bringing visually appealing elements into living spaces. Pillars and stylish columns are decorative pieces that can help you transform your room design with timeless charm.

Porch columns also offer additional support to the roof and add decorative accents to any house exterior design. It is seen that columns can be made up of any material like granite, marble, metal, etc. but wooden columns have a magic about themselves. You can pick up the best interior wood column design from the list and give your room a new look.

Wooden columns look stylish, and classic, and help you create a luxurious vibe in the house. They are lightweight and can be used for decorative purposes also. You can even go for a customized look that can help you enhance the beauty of your space.