Manpreet Narula with his Social Media Marketing Company @Error69 is making waves on the web

Manpreet Narula

@Error69 is one of the most popular instagram page and also a social media marketing company. It belongs to a very talented young man Manpreet Narula who hails from Delhi. Having completed his graduation from Thapar University, he always knew what he had to do in his life. He was fond of social media and loved experimenting with a couple of things on social media. He formed his Instagram page called @Error69 in his late teens and soon its popularity scaled high by sharing some unique content with an edge and fun which is now also a full social media marketing company.

He shared a variety of funny content, viral videos and memes that carved his niche in the web world that multiplied his fans on social media. In no time, he was able to attract a young audience in a big way by hooking them all up with funny content that he kept sharing on his instagram page @error69. This attracted many towards his channel making him big on social media. He was able to convert his passion into professional because of the hard work and the time he has invested building the Error69.

Today, Error69 is a known name on Social Media, which made many digital big brands to approach them to market their own stuff on his page. Error69 Media has got more than 100 million + reach on instagram that’s why the brands are competing with each other to market with Manpreet’s Error69 Media. Some of these digital platforms include Tik Tok, Amazon Prime, Helo App and Hotstar have approached to play the influencer role bringing them a digital audience for the same. Error69’s content coming in the form of memes and funny videos are helping these digital giants to get an audience for them. This makes @error69 big and even bigger on social media compared to other pages of the same
niche. We will leave the links down below so you guys can check it out.

You can connect with Manpreet and the funniest page on instagram by clicking the links below.