How To Make The Perfect Landing Page Video



We all know how good videos are for marketing purposes, but well, videos aren’t just useful for capturing attention and engaging an audience; there’s a lot more them. According to the stats, videos are meant to drive 86% more conversions than any other digital marketing means, making it a powerful approach for getting your audience to take action.

Although in this dense market, it is hard to break through the competition and generate leads to make conversions, the video landing pages come into play. This article will talk about how you can create a video landing page, but first, let us briefly talk about what video landing pages are.

What Is A Video Landing Page

Brands often use static webpages that are dedicated only to their marketing campaigns. These pages are used to show off a brand’s promotion of their products or a video, which is meant to convert the audience into consumers. These pages are known as Video landing pages. Video landing pages are also known as Post-click pages.

These pages use videos alongside textual content to convince the users for taking an action in simple words. Some videos that you can include in Video landing pages are

Explainer Videos

These are the types of videos that give your brand a necessary and essential idea to the consumers in an engaging manner.

Customer Testimonials

These types of videos are social proof of your work done in the past. They include the experiences of your previous clients with your team and position.

Product Demo Videos

Product demo video production has helped brands offer a live demonstration of products and services directly to customers through an engaging video format. Using these videos create a higher chance of getting more conversions than usual.

Tips To Create A Perfect Video Landing Page

Focus On One Goal

Too many cooks spoil the broth. This isn’t just a phrase, as it fits perfectly when we talk about any aspect of video marketing, and it is no different for video landing pages. You first have to determine the landing video page’s actual goal and critically think about the offer you’re going to provide. According to the stats, video landing pages that focus on a single goal can increase conversions up to 266% more.

Try To Keep The Video Short

Like we said above, videos are meant to convince your audience to take action; therefore, it is essential to keep them as short as possible while conveying the message effectively. It is recommended to use demo videos and explainer videos about the products and offers on this page to support your textual content.

Loading Times Are Crucial

Loading times are critical aspects that instantly convert a potential lead into a bounce off. Therefore, it is essential to consider loading times on your landing page while adding rich visuals and other elements to the landing page. A great practice to improve loading times is compressing your video before you deploy it on your landing page.

Even though the tips mentioned above are quite practical when creating video landing pages, but as per the nature of the market, sometimes you’ll need to change your strategy. Therefore, it is essential to test your page continually and if there is something needs to be changed, do it accordingly.