What Assures Transparency in Long Term Care Facilities Billing?

Long term care facility billing
Long term care facility billing

It is critical to understand the details of skilled services that are ordered by physicians and performed by or under the supervision of professional or technical personnel. Also, it has to be rendered for an ongoing condition for which the beneficiary receives inpatient hospital services or for a new condition that arose during the SNF care and that too for that ongoing condition.

The coverage for long term care and skilled nursing facilities is measured in “Benefits Period”, sometimes which is also known as spells of illness. Hence, it is quite evident that all you need is a quality team that knows in and out of handling all your long term care facilities billing according to the mandates of the Medicare Part A plan and adjudication priorities. If you are looking to earn a competitive edge, finding a competent team that can improve reimbursements will add tremendous value.

Sunknowledge sets the right benchmark in long term care facilities billing

Over the last decade, our team has ensured ultimate transparency by extending the state of the art support in long term care facilities billing. We drive your growth as we have a homegrown pool of experts that understands how to deliver effective support right from Patient demographic entry, medical coding, claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable collections, and payment posting.

Our team knows what it takes to improve your financial ROI as a reliable extension of your operations. Also, we have excellent proficiency in working with aging accounts receivable. We do it all right from filing your appeals, working on your underpayments, submitting claims as per norms.

Reach out to us if you are looking for a genuine difference in your payables. We have a comprehensive understanding of how we can transform your payables with our niche presence. Our team takes pride in having excellent references from the best and that too at 1% of collections. If you are looking for a streamlined presence, our experts are just a call away from you.