Lok Sabha Elections

AIADMK joined NDA on Tuesday Now in Tamil Nadu BJP, AIADMK and PMK will contest the Lok Sabha elections. Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam announced this on Tuesday. During this, the co-coordinator of AIADMK and Palaniswamy of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Union Minister Piyush Goyal was also present.

There are 39 seats in Lok Sabha in Tamil Nadu. BJP will contest five Lok Sabha seats in the state and AIADMK 27 seats. Seven seats have been given to PMK. Before the alliance of BJP-AIADMK, there was an agreement between AIADMK and PMK on Tuesday. In the last Lok Sabha elections, AIADMK won 37 out of 39 seats. According to the terms of the alliance, the BJP has to support AIADMK in the bye-elections due to the 21 assembly seats in the state.

Modi’s rally in the state on March 1

The alliance was supposed to be in presence of BJP President Amit Shah, but they could not come. Now there is a rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kanyakumari on March 1. The leaders of the two parties will share the stage in it.

Tamil Nadu Total seats 39 (2014 status)

Party Seats Vote share
AIADMK 37 44.3
BJP 1 5.5
DMK 0 26.8
Cong 0 4.3
PMK 1 4.5
  • In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP and the PMK fought together in the Lok Sabha elections.

Agreed in AIADMK and PMK

There is also agreement between AIADMK and PMK for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The announcement was made on Tuesday. AIADMK has given PMK seven seats in Lok Sabha. Apart from this, he will also get a Rajya Sabha seat. Among the demands that PMK leader Ramadoss has made before AIADMK, granting the status of reserved agriculture to the districts present in Kaveri delta, caste based census in Tamil Nadu and release of seven culprits of Rajiv Gandhi assassination.

AIADMK can combine with DMDK

Along with AIADMK actor-turned-politician Vijaykanth’s party, DMDK is also exploring the possibility of coalition. Agency sources say that after this it will be clearly known that in what proportion of seats between AIADMK and BJP will be distributed.