How to Setup Linksys RE6300 (AC750) as Range Extender

Linksys Extender Setup

Linksys extender RE6300 can be setup in 2 ways, as a wireless range extender or as an access point. In both cases, the extender uses the router internet and extent it to the further area. Most people setup the extender as a wireless range extender in place of the access point, the main reason is wireless setup whereas access point setup is a wired setup.

Linksys extender setup as range extender takes place over the wifi of the router that means the extender accepts the wireless signals of the router and further expands them to eliminate the dead zone. That’s why setting up an extender as a wireless range extender is more convenient.


How to Setup Linksys Extender

  • To setup, unbox the extender and plug it in the same room of the router.
  • The extender led will blink for some seconds in green color and later on will change as blinking orange indicates that the extender is ready for setup.
  • Now turn on a laptop and connect it to the extender wireless network. The extender wireless default network name is “Linksys Extender Setup”. Find this network name in the wireless list and connect to it.
  • Once the laptop is connected to the extender wifi, open a web browser and open the extender setup website┬áto bring up the setup website.
  • 1st accept the terms and conditions and click on the Next button.
  • Choose the setup mode for the extender. Select “as wireless range extender” and click on next.
  • Now, the extender will search for all the available wireless networks in its surroundings and a list will be shown.
  • Select the router wifi name in the list and click on it.
  • In the next step, it’ll ask for the password of the selected router wifi. Enter the password for authentication.
  • After authentication, it’ll give the option to set the extender wifi name and password for it.
  • Enter the extender wireless name and also password. Keep a note of the password.
  • The extender will save the settings and configure the extender with the router. On this step, it may take a couple of seconds to complete the process.
  • Next, it’ll show the extender wifi name and its password. At this point, the extender is setup and can be used.
  • Next, it’ll show the location of the extender. The Spot-Finder technology will help to find a suitable location to place the extender. Move the extender to its desired location and see if spot finder technology acknowledges it.
  • In the last step, set the login password for the Linksys extender page. This password is important to access the extender page, using this page all settings of the extender can be accessed.

This is Linksys RE6300 Setup as a range extender. To connect with the extender, find its SSID in the wifi list and authenticate it with the set password. Now, the internet can be used at locations where signals were not reachable. Linksys extender can connect multiple devices simultaneously and can provide high-speed internet among them.


How to Setup Linksys Extender RE6300 Firmware

To update the firmware, login into the extender page. Enter a username and password for authentication. Once login, check for the firmware option. Install the latest version of the firmware.

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