Large Size Mother Of The Bride Dresses Shopping

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It is not easy to love your curves, but you must not feel demoralized. Getting up and getting dressed regardless of your body type is the best way to boost your mental health. The plus size women specially require mastering the art of dressing because their entire personality will depend on it. Always remember that you can look beautiful no matter your shape, size and colour. You will know how to dress beautifully and look impressive. 

The mother of a bride-to-be will attract a considerable amount of attention in your daughter’s big day as you will be the next important lady in the event after her. Most mothers are afraid of grabbing the limelight because of their awkward body proportions. Come the era of plus size clothing where any woman can dress according to their preference regardless of the shape of their bodies. When the designers dress the mother of the bride, the first thing they account is the comfort of the wearer. If you are not too comfortable with flaunting your cleavage or arms, doing that abruptly on the event will attract criticism. You will have to play very smart not to receive any awkward stares and yet look sexy in your large size mother of the bride dresses. 

The generic style advice will never suit women with heavier bodies. The women with hourglass, pear or apple shaped bodies need to be dressed corresponding to their curves. 

bride dresses

Here are a few easy-peasy tips for selecting the large size mother of the bride dress. 

Know your body type:

You should first determine your body type before selecting your dress. Stand in front of the mirror to understand your body type thoroughly. No matter you are pear-shaped, hourglass like or apple shaped, there is an outfit for everybody type. You should aim to accentuate your body type when you are selecting the large size mother of the bride dresses. The varied plus size body types are the inverted pyramid, pear body shape, hourglass body shape, apple body shape, or diamond body shape.

How to dress for apple shaped bodies?

Ladies, who have apple shaped bodies are generally fuller in the middle. You must stick to V-neck, plunging neckline in case you belong to this category. You should strictly avoid high necklines, halter necklines etc. 

How to dress for pear shaped bodies? 

Women with pear shaped bodies will have narrow shoulders but curvy hips and thighs. In case you belong to this category, you should go for clean styles with precisely tailored bottoms. Flat front pants are your ultimate go-to in case you have a pear shape. Jackets too are your confidante if you have a body shaped like a pear. Never wear corset to make yourself uncomfortable and to fit in certain dresses. This will not only destroy the beauty of your body but also will irritate you during the occasion.

How to dress for hourglass shaped bodies? 

Hourglass shaped bodies tend to have heavier bust line and hips with a narrow midriff. This body type is very common among plus size women. It is very tricky to dress for an hourglass figure because of well, the heavy bust line. The hourglass figure is in fact one of the most coveted body shapes among women. Choose anything between knee length dresses or wrapped blouses and you will be good to go. 

Remember these tips with your heart if you are a plus size woman. There is always chance to stand out in a crowd with the perfect outfit. Don’t shy away from trying to bring out your best because you have a heavier body. Look awesome and feel different in the right kind of plus size clothing.