Know The Ample Benefits Of Diesel Generators


In recent time, every production activity requires electricity. It is an integral part of every industry, be it Textile, Petroleum, Food Production or Automotive industry. The production process solely depends upon the electricity, but what if there is a power failure? The productivity decreases and the business have to suffer the loss due to it.

So, to overcome such situations in the industries, the alternative power source is used, such as a generator. There are several types of generators available today. Their classification is based on the type of fuel used to generate electricity. Various fuels are used in generators including diesel, petrol, solar energy, gas, or a combination of fuels. Out of these, diesel generators are used widely due to its several benefits.

So, What Are the Advantages of Using a Diesel Generator?

Diesel generators are popularly used in mining operations and industries such as Healthcare, Telecommunications, Construction, Automotive, and many more. The below points can help you to understand why the industries choose diesel generators out of many available options in generators.

#1. Best Fuel Efficacy: The engines used in diesel generators are more efficient than petrol or gasoline generators. That means it can produce more electricity at the same capacity. For instance, for the same KW of power produced, a diesel engine saves almost 40% of fuel than a gas engine. Also, fuel wastage is quite less in this generator.

Due to its best fuel efficiency, it can be used for longer durations at a reasonable cost.

#2. Durable in Nature: The diesel-powered generators are designed to be long-lasting. It is sturdy and reliable. With inspection and maintenance at the regular intervals, the diesel engine can last up to 3 times longer when compared to a petrol engine. It can even withstand heavy loads. Hence it used in heavy industries like Mining and Automotive at the time of power blackouts.

The diesel generators are durable and profitable as it can work without interruption for long periods, even under difficult conditions.

#3. Less Expensive Fuel: Diesel is less expensive as compared to fuels like petrol or gasoline. It is even easily available worldwide. Thus, it becomes viable for businesses to use diesel generators. It is also used for domestic purpose due to the easy availability of diesel.

#4. Range Of Diesel Generators: The diesel-powered generators are available in various designs to meet the end-users’ requirements. The wide array of diesel generators includes its capacity ranging from 5 KVA to 5000 KVA or 5 MVA. Amongst these designs, the 5MVA diesel generator is a huge diesel generator set.

From the available range, you can select the generator with a capacity that matches the power required for your purpose, be it domestic or commercial. 

#5. Safe To Use: The diesel engine generator is robust and powerful. It works on the principle of self-ignition. It does not have carburetor or spark plugs in its engine. This makes it a safer option than a gasoline generator that produces more heat and tends to wear out more easily.

Thus, diesel’s low volatility reduces the risk of fire or blast. It makes diesel generators a perfect power source, safe, and power backup alternative in industries.

From the above-discussed advantages, it is clear that the diesel generators can provide the best solutions to the power failure for your domestic and industrial purpose. The sturdy and high resistant, diesel engine generators have longer operational life.

Routine maintenance and inspection are recommended for the smooth functioning of diesel-powered generators. Even the maintenance cost of this generator is less due to its simple designing. This makes diesel generator as your ideal choice for your requirement.