Know About Trigger Finger and How It Can Be Cured With a Home Trigger Finger Treatment

Trigger Finger

A Brief about Trigger Finger 

Trigger Finger is a condition when a finger or thumb gets locked in a bent position. It occurs due to the swelling of the sheath that wraps the tendons of the thumb or fingers. Due to this, the tendons feel hard to get moved. A person may find it confronting to straighten their fingers without them locking up and popping forward in n active motion? This is referred to as the trigger finger. An awful condition in which a finger or thumb becomes locked when you try to bend it! 

But how does it develop? You might be aware of the fact that the tendons control the movement of fingers & thumbs. If the sheath membrane becomes aroused and becomes narrowed, the tendon enclosed and gets trouble in moving. The tendon catches on the sheath and get stuck, and ultimately locking the finger. 

Despite the name of the trigger finger, it can affect the ring finger or thumb or even multiple digits as well. If you try to manually straighten your bent thumb or finger, it may get snapped out as the tendon moves again.

Trigger Finger

What are the causes? 

Trigger Finger mainly causes due to the swelling of the sheath that encompasses the tendons of the fingers or thumb. Consequently, tendons feel hard to move. However, the exact cause of trigger finger is not known.

On a general basis, Trigger Finger rises due to the excessive or repetitive use of hands. Some other claims include aging, regular strain activities contributing to its occurrence. People having rheumatoid arthritis, gout, diabetes, or any other medical problems also have risks of Trigger Finger.

For those who are tickled in the activities with the repeated movement of fingers or thumb like playing musical instruments, gripping objects or industry work can have a trigger finger or thumb.

How will you identify Trigger Finger? 

The symptoms of trigger finger are usually self diagnosable and a person. It includes rigidity, a popping or clicking sensation, and gentleness in the trigger finger. Also, the person can feel worse pain in the morning. 

  • Here are some of the symptoms that people may experience:

    Finger catching with sudden pop release 
  • Physical impairment 
  • Stiffness
  • A lump or knot
  • Swelling or tenderness 

Treatment Options

If you have symptoms of trigger finger, it will be suggested to consult the health professional having specialization in hands. The medical expert will conform about your symptoms and health industry in detail followed by a physical exam. 

The healing time for trigger finger treatment varies for every person. The main aim behind the treatment is to ease pain & swelling of it which can be cured with the medicine, a brace or splint for thumb or finger support, steroid injections, or some kind of exercise for the flexibility. These non-surgical treatments are recommended during the fragile conditions.

However, if these non-surgical treatments could not able to provide relief, you may be suggested to go for the surgery process.

A New Home Treatment for Trigger Finger

New home treatment has been introduced in the market for the treatment for trigger thumb or finger! Trigger Finger Wand is a new trigger finger treatment without surgery for curing all the suffering associated with the trigger finger. Why bear the pain, discomfort, or risks of the trigger finger when you can have an alternative to surgery available? Trigger Finger Wand is designed as for the same and is a perfect non-surgical treatment for trigger finger. 

How does the device work? The wand works with a new, safe & effective approach to reduce the swelling in the tendon sheaths. Undeniably, Trigger Finger Wand is the recent ingenious, easy to use, and practical solution launched for the cure of the trigger finger and is capable of showing visible and effective results within a few days post-treatment. The wand works as a compact ultrasound and far-infrared device that reduces the pain, discomfort, catching and locking of trigger finger. No side-effects or scars to the body!

Trigger Finger Wand is one of the best trigger finger treatment home remedies. Following a completely natural approach, the device can also be reused for multiple fingers. Try out this new trigger finger treatment without surgery!