Keep In Mind These 5 Downsides of Ordering Fresh Seafood Online

Fresh Seafood Online

Nowadays, online markets that sell fresh seafood are becoming a “thing”. Many people love it and are amazed at the benefits they have been getting because of it. It surely is different from actually going to wet markets. Talking about convenience, advancement and possible price markdowns, buying fresh seafood online is peerless!

Just like anything, however, there are some aspects about it which aren’t best for consumers like you. There are some areas where it needs improvement and caution too. Reading below, find out 5 downsides of shopping fresh seafood online:



In actual markets, bad vendors who scam customers use the lighting of their stall as a trick. Some use red or dim lighting so that the customer will think that they’re selling fresh seafood when they really aren’t.

This is where you might have a problem but from a different angle. In online seafood markets, of course, you cannot actually see in front of your two eyes the “fresh seafood” the seller is talking about. You will see it only and judge after it’s been delivered to you.

The scales of the fish must not be dull and not unclear. A metallic appearance must be what it has. Bright red and pink gills and fins are good signs of freshness. Discoloured areas of the fish which look like bruises mostly mean that it’s unhealthy. It is very important for you to see the seafood before buying it because if you won’t, how will be sure that it carries the mentioned signifiers that it’s not stale?

Even if the seller sends you a photo of the seafood, still, there’s a lack of guarantee on your part that what will be brought to you is what’s on that photograph as well. If the seller is good-hearted, it’ll be sure, but if they’re not, then, that’s unfortunate.  



Similar to not seeing the actual product, you also cannot touch the seafood you’ve been virtually discussing with the seller. It’s another con because there’s an important hint you can get about the seafood’s freshness if you are able to touch it.

For fish, the flesh must come back to its form if you touch and press it to see if it’s new. For oysters, there must be no wrinkled texture. For crabs, you should press the middle of the flap to test its firmness. A bulging and firm belly is a nice sign. Firmness equates to freshness.

It’s hard to judge a seafood’s texture and softness/hardness just by looking at it. It can be very tricky. You can’t touch the seafood online, and that’s just frustrating.



Just like numbers one and two, you also cannot smell the seafood you’re ordering through the screen of your cell phone or of your laptop. Whatever you do, you just can’t, and it’s a disadvantage since the smell says a lot about freshness.

A sour smell of oysters is a sign that they’re rotten. Fresh crustaceans are without the smell. Fresh fish and fresh squid smell fishy but not intense, never too much. They just smell naturally coming out from the ocean water, not stinky.  



If you go to the market, you can choose with your own pointing fingers the exact seafood you want and need. You can even request and reach them yourself. You have the power to get what you precisely want, but not with online seafood market unless the seller is extremely excellent and kind.


Unlike the actual markets wherein you can instantly bag out your ordered seafood, in online seafood markets, you cannot, of course. You’ll have to wait for the delivery time and/or date before you can lay a hand on your precious seafood.

That means if you’re craving for specific fresh seafood, do not order the raw ones online. Instead, you yourself should just buy from the wet market or just order an already cooked one from a restaurant. Instant is not a thing when it comes to online shopping, you know.




This piece talks about the things where you can find some problems with if you buy fresh seafood online. These, however, do not mean that all fresh seafood markets online work this same way. Of course, there are best stores that offer the best quality of products and service, especially for their clients! You just have to be informed and wise to get the best of the bests out there!


AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Manettas Seafood Market Australia, an online and interactive seafood market allowing accessibility to the highest quality seafood from Australia and abroad for customers at home, chefs in restaurants, seafood wholesalers and seafood traders. She believes that freshness of seafood is important not only because of the taste but also of health benefits. Her writing pieces include topics on fresh seafood and the market industry.