Is Lip Bumper Therapy important in Orthodontic Continuing Education?


When patients come to you and ask about different therapies and treatments, say lip bumper therapy and you do not know about it, it could become embarrassing that you are an orthodontic and you lack the right knowledge. Do not worry; you can always gain more knowledge by applying to different Orthodontic continuing education course or programs.

What is Lip Bumper Therapy?

This is a guard often used in orthodontic treatments. It is especially for those who have a habit of biting their lower lip. This is also the best option to make room for crowded teeth by holding back the lower molars, which makes your front teeth push forward. Many dentists use it as an alternate for extraction of teeth.

You Will Feel A Little Strange:

As an orthodontist, you should know how your patient might feel following the lip bumper procedure. The patient might feel uneasy as the device is there against the lip. The lip may bulge out, but after a few days, it will return to normal. If it feels discomforting then consult the dentist immediately for adjustments. It may also become difficult to brush your teeth and food can stick in between the lip and bumper but after the treatment, brushing will become easy.

The Whole Procedure:

The procedure is very simple but effective; it involves a steel wire covered with plastic, which attaches to two molar bands made of metal. Dentists place these bands on the molar teeth to widen the arch and release the pressure on teeth and lips.

Equipment used in Lip Bumper Therapy:

This therapy uses simple and straight equipment that every dentist knows.

  1. Steel wire
  2. Plastic band
  3. A rubber or acrylic shield

Is it Time Consuming?

The time taken to do this procedure differs from patient to patient. Also depending on the premolars and its eruption and crowding. It is important to wear the lip bumpers all day, all night. It remains hidden from everyone’s eyes unless you boast about it and show it to others. The wear time depends on how fast your baby teeth break and new teeth come out.

What to Do?

As an orthodontist, you must inform the patients about what important aspects to consider when looking after the lip bumper. The patients must have the following info:

  1. Wear the lip bumpers all the time.
  2. Do not avoid brushing your teeth. Brush the bumper as well.
  3. After the doctor has removed the lip bumper, clean the teeth thoroughly.
  4. It is important to wear the appliance at night also as the growth process in your body happens at night.
  5. Only take pain medication as prescribed by the dentist but only for a couple of days.

Things to Avoid During the Treatment:

As in all dental treatments, your patient needs to avoid certain things, which can be harmful in the healing process. You should know what not to do during the lip bumper therapy.

  1. The patient should avoid sticky candies, chewing gums and taffy that can stick into the appliance.
  2. You must never pull out the bumper by yourself. It will be wise to visit the orthodontist so that he/ she can take it out through proper steps.
  3. It is very dangerous to take it out by yourself as it can cause your teeth to lose or even fall out and damage the gums.
  4. If accidentally it does come out, do not panic and immediately go to the dentist.

 Benefits of the Therapy:

You can treat various dental problems through lip bumper therapy.

  1. The teeth need anchors during leveling and alignment.
  2. The extraction of the first molars can hold the second molar’s position.
  3. It can treat the problem of an anterior deep overbite.
  4. Adjusting the teeth when canines retract.
  5. Treatment of minor crowding of the teeth.

You can get many benefits from the therapy when you are getting continuous education. There are several institutes; Gerety Orthodontic Seminars is to name one.

Post-procedure Cautions:

It is important to know when applying pressure to the lower molars; the patient might feel soreness for days in the gums and teeth area. Do not do anything, as it will go away after a couple of days. As discussed earlier, it is best to wear the bumper all the time. If the patient misses the time, the treatment can become slow. Instruct your patient to wear the appliance when he/ she come to visit, to check for any adjustments. Patients should not wear the lip bumper during any type of sports.

As an orthodontist it is essential that you must know every detail of the lip bumper and this can happen if you are willing to have Orthodontic continuing education. The more you learn and practice; it will enhance your image in front of the patients.