Installation Of French Drains Saves Your Foundation

French Drains

Installation of French drains prevents water from standing in your backyard or garden. Due to the heavy rains or runoff from nearby properties, there can be stagnant water on your property. This water can create a dangerous situation for your foundation and can make the basement unhealthy as well. When mold and mildew begin to grow there, the kids and pets will get an allergic reaction. A trip to the hospital will be needed and this can be avoided when you take care of the property well. This includes taking care of any drainage problems.

There are many types of drainage systems that can be installed on your property. The easiest and most affordable way of fixing the drainage issue is by installing the French drains. These drains are easy to create and maintain. Learn more about how they are installed so you can decide if it is the right solution for your home.

In a French drain, the excess water is collected in pipes. Water then travels to another low lying spot away from the foundation of the property via this pipe. This way you can get rid of the excess water without having to use expensive water drainage solutions. This is a good option for the yards and also the basements. When damage is done to the basement and the foundation, you will have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to fix it. A timely response to the menace will save you this money. The pipe of the French drain is perforated and it is buried underground.

The installation company will come out to your property and first design the drain. After you approve it, they will dig up a trench and lay the pipes. In the trench, they will spread some gravel and the pipe will be covered with it as well, so water can travel through it to the pipe. This pipe will be sloping so water can roll down the slope. Many properties have a drainage problem and French drains prove to be an ideal solution. Your exteriors will look neat and welcoming and give off a good impression.