Inbound Marketing – Lure Customers without Advertisements

Inbound Marketing

Gone are the days when you would spend small fortune advertising your brand to pull your customers, but the technology has made it faster and smoother to spread brand awareness. There are generally two types of marketing – outbound and inbound. The former involves efforts to reach out to your audience, for instance, rigorous cold calling, leaflet distribution and the like. The latter consists of connecting with the audience by providing useful content.

Inbound marketing is better than outbound as it does not interrupt with what users want. It is an indirect and more personalised way to induce users to know about your presence and buy your products or services. However, outbound marketing seems to be an unpleasant way to communicate with users. How do you feel to have someone constantly nagging you by promoting a product in which you have no interest? 

There is no denying that outbound marketing costs you more than the return on investment. Further, it sounds a sort of an unprofessional way. Over time, entrepreneurs have found the most exciting and trustworthy way to market their brands, and they all are part of inbound marketing.

Content marketing

Content marketing and inbound marketing go hand in hand. Content marketing involves engagingly creating content to pull your audience. Now you do not need to spread words about your brand by cold calling, billboards and leaflets. Let your target audience know about your business themselves. 

Content marketing means creating blogs, audios, videos, and any other non-advertising content. Your audience will show more interest in your product or service if they find it captivating. This marketing strategy falls under inbound marketing because you are pulling your customers with content. People are investing in your business as you offer them a solution to their current problems, and you used content as a tool to tell your users how you can benefit them.

Customers do not just want to know about the particular benefits of your product, but they want to see whether it acts as a solution to their problems or not. It improves the awareness, generates leads and increases customer satisfaction. One of the most paramount aspects of content marketing is the information you provide to your users.

If the entire content is self-promotion, no one will show the inclination to invest in your business. For instance, if you are a lender and provide loans to people with very poor credit score, your content will not be solely about encouraging them to apply for CCJ loans with no guarantor. You will have to explain some suggestions to deal with real-time financial problems, for instance, how to escape a debt spiral.


There is no use of content marketing if SEO techniques are not worthwhile. SEO is a tool to help your users find you. In other words, it facilitates the communication between your brand and target audience. 

While there are a ton of competitors selling the same product or service, it is quite challenging to make sure that users buy from you and therefore, you will need SEO. It increases brand awareness and generates leads. 

You will have to impress search engines to reach out to your audience. You will have to prove to them you are active, provide useful and genuine content. Along with on-page SEO, you should focus on off-page SEO because search engines give a higher ranking to those websites that have content on third-party sites. It shows that a broad audience appreciates your content.

Social media

The most essential aspect of inbound marketing is to connect with your audience, and social media paves the way for it. Another benefit of making social media presence is you can reach out your larger audience. People will be aware of your activities.

Apart from promoting your product or service, you can share new offers, schemes and make announcements. People spend 20% of their time on social media. It ensures greater chances to keep your audience in the loop about your business. 

Social media builds brand reputation. To keep generating leads, you will have to maintain online presence. People will share, comment and like your posts. They will recommend you to their friends. 

To make the most of your social media marketing, make sure that you know what your audience is looking for.

The bottom line

Inbound marketing is the best way to attract your customers. You can generate genuine prospects without shelling out money. It is more successful than outbound marketing because you give them a reason to follow you. 

Though inbound marketing seems to be far effective, it does not mean you can completely ignore outbound marketing. Outbound marketing will help you reach out to those people who have problems, but they may not be aware of, or they may not be looking for a solution.