Improve your DME Prior Authorization in 2021 with Sunknowledge Approach

DME Prior Authorization
DME Prior Authorization

The prior authorization process was implemented as a cost-containment measure however, today it is a labor-intensive procedure for many healthcare practices, providers, patients, pharmacists, etc. In fact, studies have also shown that if the time is converted to dollars, healthcare practices tend to end up spending an average of $68,274 per physician annually only in interacting with health plans. This is equal to an average amount of $23 billion to $31 billion annually, which ultimately end up costing more than saving the money of the healthcare practices; which was the initial purpose for the whole authorization process.

Being one of the complicated and time-consuming, one of the common problems in prior authorization is claims denial, which is a time-consuming work of the billing staff. In fact, denial claims are also the reason for increases in the practice costs and administrative transaction cost (just under $14 per transaction due to its careful scrutiny for manual intervention.

Being one of the time-consuming areas, a prior authorization process requires multiple letters with supporting documentation and multiple telephone conversations for seamless authorization and it is only possible if you have the perfect experienced authorization team like Sunknowledge Services Inc by your side.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: a faster solution for DME prior authorization: 

Being one of the cost-effective DME prior authorization solutions that helps you close all your authorization gaps faster and efficiently, Sunknowledge Services is one of the RCM organization that offers a cost-effective rate as well as other benefits; which no other RCM organization offers.

Reducing all your administratively daunting tasks like:

  • Gathering of vital information from the patient, provider as well as order information
  • Check the patient’s eligibility
  • Communicate and validate prior auth request with the payers
  • Initiate PA requests as per the payer protocols
  • Follow-up with the payer for checking the auth status
  • Follow-up with ordering physician for the additional documents as requested by the payer
  • Provide the additional information as requested by the payer
  • Update the auth outcome in the PM/billing system

Our experts further help with 80% operational cost reduction maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate.

How Sunkowledge Services Inc is different from other DME prior authorization:

  • We are the only company that provides pre-billing activities like insurance verification, prior authorization, and order confirmation which no other RCM organization offers.
  • We are the company to communicate directly with the patients and the doctor’s office to get all the documents in time with lesser chances of errors (99.9% accuracy rate assured)
  • Liability coverage benefits of $1 million Hiscox/Geico Insurance coverage for any errors of Omission & commission
  • 100% authorization submission on the same day, while further increasing your authorization rate by 1.5-2x.
  • We have working experience across all major practice management/ billing software like Brightree, Team DME CPR+ HME, and many more and even have the ability to offer assistance in any client proprietary platform.
  • Immediately experience an increase in your collection by 80% within the first 30 days by getting your PRIOR AUTHORIZATION accurately approved by us.

So if you are looking for a seamless cost-effective DME prior authorization approach that helps you save your time and money and also gives you ample time so you can focus more on patient care management, Sunknowledge Services is just a call away!