Important Things to Know Before Buying a Natural Mattress for Safeguarding Health

Buying a Natural Mattress

The construction of an organic mattress is from materials that are all natural for the express purpose of making them non-toxic and free from hazardous chemicals and synthetic materials that are commonly used in mattress manufacturing. Organic mattresses are a healthier option not only for infants and young children who are more sensitive to environmental toxicity but also for adults who have respiratory problems like asthma or allergies. Organic mattresses are typically made from natural materials like cotton and wool combined with natural latex arranged in different layers for support and comfort. They are more expensive than traditional foam products but at par with the popular memory foam mattresses. Prices and quality, however, can differ hugely and you need to be careful about what you are actually buying. Some practical tips on selecting a natural mattress that will serve you well and keep you healthy:

Ensure the Mattress Uses Organic Fabrics All Through

When buying an organic mattress, check if the mattress has been manufactured with organic unbleached cotton and has used organic dyes and organic fills. Keep in mind that as per industry standards, natural cotton covers can be certified organic if the top is made from organic materials and the backing is of unbleached cotton, the fill, however, can be of polyester.

If you are really particular, you should insist on all the three components, the top, bottom, and the fill is made from fully organic materials. When it is established that a quarter of the global pesticide consumption is for growing cotton, your choice for a completely organic mattress can not only make your sleep healthier but also make a significant difference to the environment. You will have to depend on the details provided by the manufacturer and read up real mattress reviews online to make sure of these facts as there is no way you can check them by yourself.

Choose Natural Latex

Natural latex foam is made from the sap of real rubber trees and is fast becoming popular again for its eco-friendly and health benefits. However, it is very common to find mattresses in the stores that have been manufactured from synthetic latex or blends of natural and synthetic latex because they tend to be cheaper and often have superior performance characteristics.

Advancements in technology, however, has ensured that even organic mattresses using natural latex have a long life of 20 years or even more. However, when your focus is on health, there is nothing to beat a certified organic natural latex mattress that does not contain toxins or let off chemical gases that are hazardous to health.

Regularly Clean Mattresses with Fiber Filling

Fibre filling or batting as it is sometimes called is used to provide soft padding over the foam or springs of the mattress. Normally, wool or organic cotton is used by mattress manufacturers. As good as these materials are on the organic aspect; they attract a lot of dust and grime and thus need to be cleaned regularly to keep the mattress hygienic


Picking a mattress that is really healthy can be a challenge because of the lack of information by the mattress manufacturers. When buying a mattress, you should be alert to the aspects discussed and decide on the safest option.