Importance of Using Hand Sanitizer at The Workplace


Germs are present everywhere, and can cause serious diseases. Hands contribute in the transmission of disease-causing pathogens and germs. Many places like bathrooms, toilets, and even eating place can be full of germs and diseases. Employs can transfer disease to one another during handshakes, opening door and handing over the reports.

All these activities contribute to spreading of disease due to which cleaning your hands with hand sanitizer at the workplace is very important to avoid getting ill or spreading germs to other people.

Hand sanitizer dispensers is a device that contains sanitizer in it and control the amount to sanitizer coming out. These sanitizers are essential to ensure the safety of employs at the workplace. Every company should have a dispenser for their employs.

You can get Best hand sanitizer dispensers from any market, or you can order it online.

These are mounted on table or wall where they can be easily accessible to people. They are usually placed in restrooms, gate, corridor or reception.

There are numerous types of Hand sanitizer dispensers some are automatic where you are required to put a hand underneath it and the sensor will detect your hand and will drop a fixed amount of sanitizer on your hand. Automated soap dispensers are modern, fancy and very convenient.

You can use it without even touching, normally people have to press the button on the dispenser to drop the sanitizer, but due to sensor in the automated machine, you are not required to touch it which saves you from acquiring the bacteria present on the device.

Benefits of Hand Sanitizer

Following are some of the benefits of using hand sanitizer at the workplace

  • Ensure Safety

Usage of sanitizer at the workplace is a very good initiative in ensuring the safety of every individual. While coming on the workplace if someone even forgot to use sanitizer in the home can use the sanitizer from the sanitizer dispenser located in gateway or corridor.

If your hands are sanitized, you will not catch germs from other things and other humans if it ensures the safety of an individual.

A drawback in manual dispensers is that it requires touching of the dispenser to extract the sanitizer that can leave behind bacteria which can cause contamination in other people. The wider spread of bacteria become more resistant and can increase their colonies hence causing severe disease.

Automated sanitizers have even resolved this problem, and you can clean your hand without having to touch the dispenser that prevents bacterial transformation and eliminates chances of catching any bacteria or infections.

  • Pre-measured Quantity

Dispensers have a fixed amount of sanitizer in it and when you push the dispenser a measured amount of sanitizer comes out that is enough to get the hand sanitized free form various kind of germs and also the sanitizer does not get wasted.

Keeping the workplace clean and healthy is very important for the productivity of the company.

The good thing is it can be used both as soap and sanitizer. The mechanism of dispenser that works for sanitizer also works for other liquids like soap and lotions.   


Where to Plant Hand Sanitizer?

The best place to plant sanitizer dispenser is the area where it will be easily accessible and within sight of workers. Some of the best places include

  • Entrance and Exits

A single door handle is enough to transfer illness in the workplace. Sanitizer dispenser should be present at the entrance and exits so that you may enter the office without worrying about acquiring disease of spreading germs to others.

  • Cafeteria and Food Court

The food court is common place for spreading of germs. Some people do not even wash their hand before eating food items that can lead to the transfer of germs in their body. A hand sanitizer can be a replacement for anyone who prepares food and eat it.

  • Employee Desks

Desks, computer, mouse, telephone, these are key germ transfer points. Employees spend the majority of their time on computers and phone, which make them prone to infection. Therefore, sanitizer on desk prevents you from acquiring the disease.