Importance Of Repairing Air Ducts Immediately After Finding The Fault

Air Ducts
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Air ducts are an important part of each one our homes thus it is extremely important to ensure that we are able to identify the problems in the air ducts and get them repaired as soon as possible.

Why is it important to get air ducts repaired immediately?

Heating and cooling system works throughout the year and it requires proper maintenance otherwise you might have to face serious issues. A poorly maintained duct system might cause you a bundle of cash. Imagine if the 20 to 30% of your HVAC system is ending up in either your basement or your attic. It is a result of a damage of your duct system; it might be because of a hole in air ducts. Why would you pay for a cool attic or a basement when you are unable to get the same result for the rest of the house?

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This damage to your air duct system is not only wasting your money in cooling non-inhabitable areas such as basement or attic but it is also wearing down your HVAC system. So keep an eye on the sir duct system for this summer. If you are able to hear odd noises flapping, whistling, rumbling, or rattling then there is nothing to worry you are in a safe hand.

Some of the common Air Duct Glitches

The moment you realize that there is a problem with your air duct system you need to identify what is the exact problem. There are many possibilities due to which you might be facing these issues.

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 Air ducts leakage

Air duct leaks occur when there is a hole in the ductwork due to any reason. In fact, it might be because the initial contract workers did not installed the ducts properly, or there might be a rodent chewed his path through the ductwork. Are you surprised to hear this? Do not be because this happens in real. Regardless of the fact that a leak means air is leaking from the duct, which would ultimately refer to the air that is not moving efficiently to the room that you need to cool or heat up.

So now, you have one room that is warmer or cooler than the other places in the house.

Under- Installed Ducts

There may be numerous reasons for the under installed ducts. The major reason could inadequate installation. This kind of installation does not let the HVAC system to perform at its fullest. The performance of the air duct is extremely poor. Therefore, whenever you feel that the HVAC system is throwing warm air at first and then eventually it cools down then it means that there is something wrong with the installation.

Unbalanced Airflow

There are a few times when you notice the unbalanced airflow. However, our readers must be wondering what this unbalanced airflow is. Unbalanced airflow occurs when one register appears to blow more air than the other does. Moreover, it also stems from the register location. To figure it out, you need to check where your register is located. You need to figure out which thing is coming in its way and blocking it.

Erroneous Size

Builders who construct house sometimes make mistakes in finding out the right size for the air duct of your house.  Thus, it is important for them to conduct manual D calculations. Those contractors who do not perform these calculations are most likely to end up getting the wrong size.  It is so because the joints and the seals might not connect properly which may result in leakage. It is the reason due to which you may face extra stress. Moreover, these ducts will eventually crack and leak at a certain point in time.

Age of the air ducts

The age of the air, ducts also play a very important role in ensuring the fact that how they perform. If you have purchased an old house then you should be certain of the fact that these ducts will face wear and tear. It is so because the material will crack and cause air leaks.

Uninvited Residents

On numerous occasions, HVAC experts will also find out that there might be rodents or insects that have chewed their pathway through the ductwork. This act will compromise the ductwork and lead to numerous aforementioned difficulties.

How to perform air duct maintenance of your house?

In order to ensure that your home has a proper air ducts you need to take a tour of your house. Go to the attic, basement check the physical appearance of the ducts. Try to inspect the air duct space and look for any holes, crushed ducts or any missing ones. Check the air moving air from the air duct to locate if it needs a repair or not. Vacuum your registers to keep them clean and allow them to perform at their

Do you need an Air duct replacement or repair?

Once you are sure of the fact that there is a problem with your air duct then you need to make a decision. Replacement certainly proves to be heavier on your pocket but it ensures that the problem is fixed. To check out how much it will cost call an expert and get the quotes. Go for the best expert in town because if you do not you might have to get it repaired again in next six months.

DIY Air duct repairing

There are several videos available online that show you how to repair the air duct. However, this is not an easy task thus; it we recommend you to hire a professional for this issue. Since you are not an expert, you might not be able to address the issue efficiently as a professional could. Faulty ducts are a serious issue as they make your home less energy-efficient and your wallet lighter, but they can be a health threat if they are not working properly.