If Your Boss Does These Things Amid COVID-19, You’re In The Right Company

If Your Boss Does These Things Amid COVID-19, You're In The Right Company

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the way people live their lives, which makes everyone have a hard time adapting to the new normal.

Today, giving your loved ones a warm hug and sweet kisses have become a prohibited gesture. Social gatherings and parties are also restricted. And that’s all because social and physical distancing must be observed round-the-clock.

But, the current pandemic hasn’t only affected people’s personal lives, it also creates a great stir in the way everyone earns for a living. As part of many companies’ contingency plan, the majority of the world’s employees are now forced to work from home.

However, remote employees are torn between minding about home errands, family time, and earning a living, which makes working in the era of COVID-19 more unbearable. If you’re one of the thousands of millions of people who are working remotely in this dreadful situation, it’s good for you to know if your employer is also doing their part to help you with your mental and financial capacity.

Thus, thumb through the following pages and learn if you’re boss is doing the right things, especially in this time when employees like you are vulnerable to mental and financial breakdown.     

  • Acknowledges the probable financial and psychological challenges that employees might be facing right now

In light of the relentless surge of coronavirus throughout the world, employers must somehow put aside the desire of earning a profit. But rather learn and start to acknowledge the possible financial and psychological challenges that employees might be experiencing given the current global situation. 

Employers can provide personal development training and/or programs that will tackle the importance of keeping their mental health in check, especially during this uncertain time. While this training and/or programs won’t possibly be done traditionally, this can still work through virtual seminars or webinars. 

  • Focuses on building stronger human resource management to deliver better HR services

You might be in the right company if your boss or employer is paying attention to strengthening the company’s human resource management to provide you with better HR services. Building up more competent HR services won’t only help employees to feel at ease while working amid the pandemic, but will also form a sturdier foundation for the whole company. 

  • Listens without complaining or taking things personally

It’s normal for employees to struggle with their work-related tasks and to also demand better strategic management, especially during this scary time of coronavirus. With that, employers must learn to listen to the voices of their employees without complaining or taking things personally. 

Oftentimes, bosses will hold a grudge towards their employees’ complaints or opinions and will eventually use it to attack them personally. Employers who can’t accept complains and/or opinions from their members or employees are considered as incompetent or immature bosses.  

  • Provides employees with the necessary equipment and reasonable compensation

Sooner or later, schools and universities will also open through online classes. This might be a problem for remote workers who have kids at home, especially if the employees are forced to use their personal computers or laptops for remote working. 

However, if an employer provides an employee with the necessary equipment to attend to their job at home and give reasonable compensation for additional expenses, then you can say that you’re in the right and capable company. 

Providing you with necessary office equipment like computer set, laptop, VPN, and compensation for the additional cost in your electric bill is enough to say that your boss is doing the right thing.  

  • Understands the details of the global situation and how it may affect the employees’ personal lives

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is a no joke. Everyone is facing a hard period of their lives worrying for their health and safety as well as their family’s. Not to mention the need for them to earn money to sustain their family’s essential needs amid the pandemic such as groceries, monthly bill obligations, vitamins and medicines, and more. 

Thus, an employer must understand every detail of the current global health crisis and how it affects the employees’ personal lives. An employer must not add more workload to at least make working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic more bearable. 

These are some of the factors that might say that you’re working in the right company. If your employer, boss, or manager is just acting like nothing’s wrong with the world, then you might start thinking if you’re working for the right and worthy people.