How to Strengthen Your Travel Portal

How to Strengthen Your Travel Portal

It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that the travel industry is blessed with the highly advanced technology that empowers the industry to deliver the best travel services to the clients. The companies in the industry somehow or the other are inter-linked with each other. It is consists of travel content suppliers, aggregators, travel technology provider and distributor, so it becomes very important for those, who are associated with the industry to come forward and collaborate with each other to have a smooth yet speedy growth of the business.

Travel portal plays a vital role here, as these are the medium through which travel operators can consolidate and later distribute the services among the consumers. An online booking engine enables the user to search, select, book and at the end purchase their desired travel contents from sitting anywhere in the world. It is helping the millennial travellers receive out of the box services instantly and conveniently. Every tour operator is developing a web-based channel that is capable of aggregating live streaming of travel products from global travel service suppliers and further distribute it.

As this trend is predicted to continue even in future, travel agencies can expect a surge of web traffic as traveller research and book trips. The travel industry is over-crowded and it is simply not enough to establish a website with basic search and booking functionality. Today’s traveller demands for more engaging web-experience. While looking for a travel website or mobile application for your travel business, there are a few features you must not ignore. Let’s get a vivid picture.

Responsive portal

Developing a website is not a difficult task anymore and is relatively a low-overhead investment travel companies of any size and shape can afford. By just having an online booking engine will not be enough, as if the user finds it difficult to use conveniently and if it takes time to load a page and response late, the user will go away from your site and purchase the product from your competitor. In simple words, you should not let your customer should not have to struggle with your website in order to research and book their trip.

Google map integration

Incorporating Google maps into your website makes it easy for travellers to navigate the locations. It is also beneficial in selling a travel product. For example, if the traveller wishes to attend a program in a city, there are chances, he is going to look for the hotels located nearby.

Good communication with associates

The OTAs aggregate the travel contents from multiple suppliers and later distribute it among buyers. Through robust API XML Integration, a tour operator can deliver real-time data on availability, price, discounts and much other information without any hassle. Those who are associated with the travel industry must collaborate with each other to deliver the standard services.

Travel portal development company should build you a portal using the latest travel technology keeping in mind about the changing demands of the market so that the travel agents can manage their business and sell their products without any inconvenience. An organized, cohesive and fully-functional online travel booking engine is essential to run a travel business smoothly in a fierce and competitive market.