How to Reduce Winter Bills Efficiently this Year?

Reduce Winter Bills

As the winters have approached, it means we use more heat to keep ourselves warm. This leads to higher consumption of electricity and fuels. When we are already struggling to keep our finances up, the higher expenditure can only increase our headaches. Some suppliers are also looking to increase their prices to manage financial pressure due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This whole year has been about working from home while managing household work and kids daily. It means increased water and electrical bill along with grocery bills. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Not to forget about many people who have lost their jobs and have been facing a financial crisis since that time.

If you are struggling to manage everything and are stressing about winter bills, then don’t worry as we have come to your rescue.

Think about getting the Warm Home Discount Scheme

Warm Home Discount Scheme is a government scheme that is given to those people who are on a low income. They are given a one-off discount of 140 pounds on the energy bills, which are credited to your fuel accounts between September and March. If you are eligible, then you must use the opportunity to claim to save some money. This way you can relax about high heating bills that will rise from this month.

Older people who are already taking guarantee credit of pension scheme will automatically receive fuel discount. For younger people, you need to talk to your energy supplier regarding the same and ask if you are eligible or not.

UK government is also providing a Cold Weather Payment Scheme for people who are already receiving universal credit, income support, and pension credit by a payment of 25 pounds a week during the extremely cold weather.

Make use of Heating Timer correctly

Instead of leaving the heating on for the whole day, what about scheduling the timing of the heating device at the right time? You can set the timer according to the time suitable for you. For example, just before you wake up till the time, you leave your home for work and similarly just before coming back home to feel all the warmth. Leave the timer to set off automatically so that you don’t have to worry about switching it off manually.

Change your energy supplier

This option is only for those folks whose contract has come to an end. You can save money by changing your supplier rather than renewing your contract. But before choosing a new one, make sure to look at proper reviews of customers online.

Save Electricity to save money

This one is very obvious but yet an important one. You should make rules in your house to save electricity. The easiest way to do this is to switch off electrical appliances that aren’t being used, such as lights and geysers. Make sure everyone in your house follows it as it can help you in saving some money every month.

You can also consider switching off radiators in those rooms which are unoccupied. Keep your doors and windows locked, and it can help you in making the most of your heat in the house. You can also use draught seal tape to avoid the heat escape from little gaps of windows and doors.

Provide regular meter readings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, the energy suppliers are not coming to houses to take meter readings. Instead, you can provide your meter reading to the energy supplier each month to ensure your bills are accurate. If you have not done this for a few months, then consider doing this right away. If you don’t have a smart meter, then you can ask your energy supplier to install a smart meter.

Some energy suppliers have agreed to delay due dates of the bills due to the ongoing pandemic. You can also speak to your supplier about more extended repayment and put a hold on the increase in prices. But if you have been facing problems in managing funds no matter how much you have tried, then you can apply for emergency loans to manage your funds. If you are struggling with some other money-related issues, then you get any loans such as personal loans, or 100% guaranteed car finance.

This year has been challenging in terms of health and finance. While we have successfully managed to live during most of the year, but what about these winter months? Work from Home and increased bills can lead to more significant problems in terms of expenditure. To solve your problem, we have brought some fantastic tips to reduce winter bills.

Description: Winter season means a huge heating bill every month. What if you cannot afford any new expense? Check out our blog and take note of how you can save money easily while making the most of the available resources.