How to Integrate Your Home Decor with Smart Gadgets

How to Integrate Your Home Decor with Smart Gadgets

While designing the home decor, some experts have found that they can design something which turn your normal home into extraordinary. They turn your normal home décor into smart home décor. Choosing the smart décor stills depends on you and it will seamlessly integrate with your home. But, if you’re still not integrating the smart gadgets with your home décor then you’re missing out. So here are the different smart gadgets which you can integrate to make your home smart.

Living room:

So what types of smart devices are most suitable for the living room? This place generally reserved for watching TV or relaxing after a long tiring day. So it’s imperative to find gadgets that can help do exactly that. 

  • Google Home

Integrate google home device with other smart devices. By connecting it to other gadgets you can make a call, watch online movies and series, play your favourite songs, turning on and off lights, set reminder and timers. 

  • Smart coffee table

Smart coffee tables are perfect for all entertainer as it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, mini-refrigerator, touch control panels and USB charging station. It is a shining, futuristic and sleek table which you can put next to your couch. 

  • Smart Bulb

Smart light bulbs are a popular choice of the homeowners, and now you can get attractive light bulbs for every room. It will be a great addition to your living room as it sets up the mood and creates a perfect ambience. You can control these bulbs via Google home.


Feeling stressed while working in the kitchen and looking for an extra set of hands? Have no fear, here are some nifty products that can help you while preparing meals. 

  • Smart Plug

A smart plug is like a PowerPoint adapter that fits between your power socket and the appliance you wish to plug-in. Transform your regular electrical outlet into a smart plug and then connect just about any appliances that have both on and off switch. Which means you can turn on your kettle while cutting veggies via Google Home. 

  • Nest thermostat

Is your house warming up while you’re cooking due to microwave? Then set the room temperature with the smart thermostat. It is used with home automation and is responsible for controlling a home’s heating and air conditioning. It also uses smart features like a motion sensor to determine if you’re home and away. It will automatically change the room temperature. 

  • Smart appliances

If your application is smart, it’s one that you can connect to via your tablet or smartphone. This allows you to control your appliances remotely, which can bring a new level of safety, peace, efficiency, convenience for life. From making coffee, cooking pot roast and even vacuuming smart appliances are making life easier.


Smart home tech is a great way to liven up your home into a fully automated system. You must have some bedroom gadgets for more blissful bedroom. These gadgets will help you in your bedroom.

  • Smart sleep system

The smart sleeping system utilises your smartphone and creates a contact-free sleep sensor and a bedside device which tracks, monitor, soothe and wake you. It will also track your sleep stages and record data using the sleep sensor under the mattress. 

  • Smart pillow

The smart pillow is specially designed for tracking your sleeping habits. It will help you in avoiding your snoring problem and lets you sleep peacefully. It detects your snoring and prompts you to move your head by using a small vibrating sensor as you have in your smartphones. Some pillows are designs with built-in airbags that tilt your head without waking you up. 


Not all smart gadgets are meant for indoors, some smart gadgets are used outside also. These gadgets will keep your outdoor area in top condition for poolside weekends to barbecues till home security.

  • Smart Sprinkler controller

Sprinkler controller is best for the people who love their lawn enough. A multiple sprinkle system will keep your lawn green and lush throughout the summers. The smart controller comes with in-built weather-based and a custom app for controlling water schedules. You can even connect it with your Google smart home. 

  • Smart lights

Smart motion lighting and exterior lighting allows for remote programming and monitoring. You can connect security cameras monitor while connecting motion lightings. But ensure that you check out the top tips of placing the security cameras at right place. 


Here are some outstanding bathroom gadgets which you would love to install in your bath. They are both smart and interesting. 

  • Smart shower

The smart shower measures water usage and checks the water temperature while taking a shower. It doesn’t require any special batteries or external power supply for working, it measures with the flow of water. Some showers also come with Bluetooth speakers. It will work with the latest Bluetooth technology from up to 32 feet away. 

  • Smart towel warmer

To get the luxury spa-like treatment, put a smart towel warmer into your master bath. Just imagine stepping out of the bath and get some cozy embrace of a hot towel. A towel warmer starts your day right during winters. You can mount it on walls or take wherever you go. 

  • Smart mirror

Smart mirrors are best for your daily routine and detailed grooming. It plays your favourite music anywhere you like. Its LED lights can be adjusting high and low according to your needs. You can also enjoy features like voice control, speakerphone, and your assistant. You can add your favourite playlist, news, weather report and other stuff. 

Planning your smart home!

The future of smart home interiors has opened avenues for exciting innovations. With careful planning from the start and professional advice will help you in working out about your priorities for both present and future. With these above tips, you can create a smart home that will be a joy to live in for life long. 

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