How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Business?


Wikipedia is a globally acknowledged site that is used by everyone from professional artists to marketers for different purposes. Millions of people who rely on the information that it provides visit the site on a regular basis, forming their opinions about different subjects about which they read on the site. This much influence of the site makes it very much valuable for many industries who want to be a popular sensation on the international platform.

Business, especially, can gain a lot by having a Wikipedia page. They can reach out to a lot of different audiences via Wikipedia and provide them with basic information about their organization and products. Becoming known to a new venture through such a huge platform makes the audience trust the business and it leads to influence their decisions about buying the services or products from that business. The business gets a chance to develop a potential market in the global space with the help of such strong and far-reaching platforms.

Many businesses opt for creating a Wikipedia page after checking the criteria of the site and finding out that they are eligible for having one. They simply hire a Wikipedia page creator who would get them an approved Wikipedia page. However, they do not realize that they can attempt to create their own business page on the site by themselves because Wikipedia welcomes all its visitors to contribute the information to the site. This article is providing the businesses with a simple guideline that they can follow to make their own Wikipedia page.

Have an Account

The first step in the process of creating your own Wikipedia page is to create an account on Wikipedia. The individual who wants to create a business page should provide the site with correct information about themselves as Wikipedia does not allow accounts that are providing incorrect information and blocks their IPs right away.

Conduct Research

No doubt, you know well about your business, but when it comes to creating a Wikipedia page, you need to conduct proper researches and gather all the stats and other information about the subject. Go through everything and make a collection of all the data that you think would be helpful for creating the final drafts of Wikipedia page.

Gather Citations and References

Remember that Wikipedia demands authentic information and every statement that you are planning to include in your drafts should be based on a proper reference from a reliable source. It is one of the most important aspects of creating content for Wikipedia, so the businesses have to pay special attention to this step.

Create Content

Once you have collected all the necessary references and citations along with the required data about your business, you need to start creating the content. Use a simple and understandable writing style with no fancy terms and if you are adding any fancy terminologies, make sure there is an explanation given in the referencing section. Keep the language free of political bias as Wikipedia does not allow any promotional or political content.

Proofread your content before submitting it to the editors to eliminate any mistakes.

This is all. Following these steps properly can help you get your business page published on Wikipedia. However, many people fail in the first few attempts so if you fail in the first attempts, take it as normal and keep trying.