Meat Platter

For any holiday party or family gathering, the easiest way to make appetizers is to put together a meat platter. This can be put together with no stress involved. The meat platter with a good combination of cheeses can make it look so fancy and appetizing.

It might sound easy work, to throw some types of meat and cheese on a platter. But more is involved in making a simple charcuterie, a successful gourmet experience. As they say, people eat with their eyes. Indeed, presentation is an important aspect of a meal.

The success of a meat platter depends on the material board because it complements the flavours of the meat and cheese presented on it. This article will help you to choose the good meat platter for your next party.

What is a meat platter?

A meat platter is nothing but a tray or a board which is like a foundation to your charcuterie. The two popular choices of material are wood and marble. Each type has its advantages. Make sure to assess your needs before you invest in a meat platter.

  • Wooden meat platter

If you are going to choose wooden meat platters, non-porous hardwood is the best option. Some types like American cherry, olive, teak, hard maple, and acacia are a good choice. They can give you a sophisticated look that makes you look like a royal host.

Characteristics you need consider before choosing a wooden meat platter:

  1. Solid wood

The wood needs to be solid and uniform, which enhances the style and the looks of the meat placed on it.

  1. Porosity

The pores in the meat platter should be tightly closed because bacteria can occupy these spaces and spoil the meat and cheese present on it.

Also, the pores can absorb water and odour, which can be dangerous to the meat and cheese.

  • Marble, stone, granite meat platter

Marble is a good material for meat platters because it can retain heat, thereby maintaining the meat at a cooler temperature. The only issue here is that the acid present in tomatoes can react with the marble. But you can still use material as an exclusive meat and cheese platter.

Another huge positive is that it does not absorb odours and does not stick with the food.

Use the correct knife

For the wooden meat platter, a chef’s knife does the job. But realistically, a knife can get blunt if it is used on both types of meat platters. That is where a cheese knife or plane can help you.

A cheese plane can help you to slice cheese of uniform thickness. This kind of knives does not get blunted if it is used on a meat platter board.

The bottom line

Be it a last-minute party preparation or a long-awaited family gathering; a meat platter can be a simply delightful meal to suit each one’s preferences. Just make sure you have the right type of meat platter for the occasion. Don’t be tempted to go for the one with less cost.

Choose a meat platter which can complement the food and stays for a long time.