How to Choose an Ideal Yoga Teacher Training School?

Yoga Teacher Training School

Choosing an ideal yoga teacher training school is a significant investment for your career as well as for your yoga training. Therefore, enrolling for the right yoga school should not be a laid back process. Though people from around the world consider India as the best place to learn yoga, it isn’t really feasible for everyone to travel to India. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn the traditional and authentic yoga.

Yoga teacher training in Thailand can be a suitable substitute for India. This is because they both share their roots in Buddhism as well as yoga. Deciding a destination for yoga teacher training is way easier than selecting an ideal yoga school. The best approach to do the same is to look for a yoga school which complies with the following criteria:


  • Check if the yoga school is accredited from Yoga Alliance

The Yoga Alliance is the international governing body for yoga that has sanctioned certain regulations for yoga teacher training schools. The yoga schools must pay heed to those guidelines in order to be certified from the governing body. If you choose an accredited yoga teacher training school you will experience the benefits during the training.

  • The curriculum followed by the yoga school

Before you enrol for any yoga school make sure you check the curriculum followed by the school. The yoga school must include the basic curriculum that involves:

  1. Techniques, training and practice
  2. Teaching methodology
  3. Anatomy and physiology
  4. Philosophy of yoga, lifestyle, and conduct of a yoga instructor
  5. Practical for the course of study
  • Experience of yoga teachers teaching in the school

Since an experienced and professional yoga teacher can make or break your interest in yoga teacher training; hence, you must check the experience of each yoga teacher teaching in the school. The more experienced the yoga teacher, the more he/she will be welcoming him/her towards the students of the class, will patiently answer all your queries, help you during the session as well as in your personal training, and help you modify the poses as per your requirement. And, the most important thing is available for one to one session to help the students.

  • Yoga styles followed by the school

There are not many yoga schools that follow almost all styles of yoga. Instead, they choose the most common or most preferred yoga styles which may limit the learning process. Whereas, learning about various yoga style will broaden and deepen your yoga learning. It not only gives you an opportunity to learn a different style but also teaches you how to conduct yourself in distinct situations.

  • Feedback from the graduates

Whichever yoga school you will be choosing don’t forget to take feedbacks about it from the students who graduated from there. Feedback is an important aspect because you may check everything before enrolling for the program but what happens after you enrol may turn out to be a different story. This will help you understand how the school works, the classes, the routine, the teacher’s behaviour and everything else that you may not think of right now

These few methods will help you understand if the yoga school you are choosing is an ideal one or not. It isn’t necessary that it is only useful for Yoga teacher training in Thailand; you may use these for any yoga teacher training school. You may choose from Nepal, Italy, the United States, etc. If Thailand is your preferred destination and you do not wish to go to beaches; no problem. Yoga teacher training in Chiang Mai may turn out to be an ideal place for your yoga certification. Chiang Mai is located towards the north of Thailand and that’s why is surrounded by huge mountains, green valleys, and beautiful waterfalls.