How to Choose a Right Compensation Lawyer

Compensation Lawyer

One of the most important decisions you make in regards to any claim is the compensation lawyer you choose to represent you. Choosing the wrong lawyer can diminish the chances of gaining proper compensation and obtaining the financial justice you seek.

Questions you must ask any compensation lawyer to help you choose the right one:

  • What area of law do you specialise in?
    It is vital to make sure the lawyer you choose practices solely (or at least has had much experience) in compensation law, as sometimes lawyers will accept a case that isn’t particularly their speciality. When there is little knowledge of a particular area in law, mistakes can be made and your compensation may not receive the justice it deserves. 
  • Are you an accredited specialist?
    A key way of determining whether you have chosen the right lawyer is if they are an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law by the NSW Law Society.
  • This provides the compensation lawyer with high-quality accreditation, indicating proficiency in a particular area of law. If you are after an expert in the area, it is recommended to seek one who is accredited by the NSW Law Society.


  • Who will handle my case?

  • Larger firms sometimes have the style of impressing the client with an accredited specialist, to later find out a junior or another lawyer is handling your case.

    This could lead to an inexperienced compensation lawyer managing your claim, which can then lead to a less successful outcome. The lawyer you seek should be the one to handle your case and provide you with the confidence and outcomes agreed upon by both parties. 
  • What is the chance of success of my case?

  • If you have chosen a compensation lawyer who has enough expertise, they should be able to know whether your case is probably going to be successful. It may be a red alarm if the lawyer you are consulting with is not able to provide you with an array of solutions immediately or requires more research.
  • It is impossible for a compensation lawyer to give you an assurance on whether your claim will be successful. However, they should be able to give you a firm indication of the likelihood of success.

    How long will my case take to complete?
    A compensation lawyer who has had the right amount of experience will be able to give you a good guide on how long a claim will take to finalise.

  • Of course, they won’t be able to give you an exact answer. However, an estimate is a well enough start, providing you with a decent amount of information and preparing you for the rough timeline of your case.

Overall, it is crucial to look for signs including up-front straight answers from your compensation lawyer.

Your case will most likely take a decent amount of time, hence spending a lot of time with your lawyer. A positive and trusting relationship is very important in order to receive the results you want.

It is worthwhile to have a lawyer who has the skills to represent you and secure a successful claim.

Selecting a compensation lawyer is the most fruitful part of your claim. The decision should be made with much thought and careful deliberation. Choose wisely!