How to Avoid these Adult Circumcision Surgery Complications?


There are thousands of people in the world who in recent years had adult circumcision surgery performed successfully. After reading or hearing about their stories, you must have picked up the courage of having the surgery performed on yourself. But at a time you came across an article telling the various complications that happen during the surgery and how people have permanent damage. Sometimes complications do develop but for those who don’t take care before, during and after the surgery.

How the surgery is performed?

To understand the nature of these complications, you need to know the whole process of the surgery. This is a very simple procedure that has a few steps for the surgeon to follow. If this procedure goes smoothly and the instruments used are sterilized properly then there is nothing to be afraid.

  1. The surgeon will first take your full medical history to know about any condition that could complicate the surgery.
  2. Then a local or general anesthesia is administered to lessen the pain during the procedure.
  3. Then the circumcision surgery is performed for medical, ethical or cosmetic reasons.
  4. Dissolvable sutures are used to stitch it up and bandage to keep the penis straight.
  5. After a few weeks, the bandages and the stitches are removed.

Advantages of Adult Circumcision Surgery:

The advantages of adult circumcision surgery are more useful to learn than the complications. Many health and cosmetic benefits are there if you have this surgical procedure is done.

  1. Many types of cancers like; penile, prostate and cervical can be avoided.
  2. The infection in the urinary tract is reduced.
  3. Various types of inflammations on the skin are decreased.
  4. The foreskin on the penis is adjusted well.
  5. Diseases that can be transferred during sexual activities can be averted.

Risks involving the Surgery:

It is true that risks are involved in all types of surgeries and especially people are afraid when it comes to the surgery of the penis as it can affect the sexual life and health of a person. There are several risks in this surgery and they are as followed;


This is the most common type of complication that happens in this type of surgery. The infections can be caused by a fungus that can develop in the cuts and stitches after the procedure. Unsterilized tools can also be a reason for developing the contagion.


Bleeding is usual in this surgical process but at times extraordinary flow can lead to oozing of various other fluids. The speed and quantity of the bleeding differ from one patient to another. But more bleeding than usual must worry you.

Not enough Foreskins Removed:

Circumcision surgery removes the excess skin on the tip of the penis. But at times the skin is not removed in the amount that you expected and it is still there and causes various diseases. It takes more time to recover and scars remain there.

Too much Skin Detached:

At times the opposite of the previous situation happens in which excess skin is taken off because of this the skin doesn’t adjust well on the penis. It looks very odd and is unsatisfactory for the person who has to spend money and didn’t get the desired results.

Skin Bridges/ Adhesion:

If a non-professional surgeon performs the surgery, it may happen that the skin removed has an uneven finish. This can create hygiene problems as different fluids and debris can collect beneath the skin.

Complications in Healing Process:

The full healing time taken after the surgical process is a little long but if the patient develops any complication mentioned above then the time taken can be longer than usual. This is a serious problem which must be addressed and consulted by a doctor.

Retention on Urinating:

The bandage applied after the surgery can be an obstruction in the process of urination. Although this happens after a normal procedure but if the bandage is too tight then more problems can occur.

Avoiding the Complications:

There are various ways by which you certainly avoid the complications that may develop after a surgery;

Circumcision Revision Surgery:

If the first time surgery goes wrong then you can have another procedure known as circumcision revision surgery. A few of the above mentions complication can be cured so that you are satisfied and can gain back your self-confidence. Circumcision Center has this facility which is amongst a few in the US

Avoid Alcohol and Drug Abuse:

The people who are extreme drug and alcohol abusers must avoid the two until full recovered. If they will not stop then it is possible that the skin dries up and the healing can cause itching.

Stay away from Blood Thinning Medications:

Before and after the surgery, it is really important that you stop taking blood thinning medicines. It can avoid excessive bleeding complication.

Regular Visits Post-Surgery:

Keep a check on the conditions of the penis by paying the doctor a regular visit after having the surgery. The doctor can advise different remedies for any complication.

Follow the Surgeon’s Instructions:

Lastly, you need to follow the instructions given by the surgeon about pre, during and post surgery precautions. It will reduce the risks of having any problem at all.

As you can see that the complications that occur in an adult circumcision surgery can be reduced if you follow instructions and avoid certain things that can complicate situation.