How to Ace Dubai visa Interview to Avail Visa Confidently


Availing a visa for any country is not an easy task and an applicant must have to consider a lot of things while applying for visa. Even after applying according to the terms and conditions and submitting documents as per requirements, you won’t be able to obtain a visa and you know why? Because you were not presentable on your visa interview and the interviewer didn’t like your attitude or may be couldn’t satisfy by your answers. There are a lot of facts which may restrain you from availing a visa.

And when it comes to getting a visa for Dubai, you have to take a lot of precautions. Recently, Dubai has identified hundreds of fake visa holders from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, thus they have made the visa application rules and regulations strict. So, visa interview is the only option for you to satisfy the interviewer and make them approve your visa.

Do your homework

Prior to the interview, go through the application thoroughly and understand what you have answered for each query there. It will help you to be genuine during the interview. Your answer to the interview questions must support the rest of your answers you had given while filling-up the application.

Be punctuate

Don’t be late in an interview as it will show how irresponsible you are. Be punctuate, and show up on time, so that the authority doesn’t have to wait for you.  Showing up early or on time, will also indicate your ability to manage time and take stock on how you present yourself.

Dress well

Wearing a fancy dress or an ultra-modern dress won’t entice the interviewer, rather it will make you a clown. Try to understand the gravity of the place and wear sensitively. Your dress is your first identity as people will see you first and talk to you later. Wear a formal business attire.

Pay attention to your body language

The interviewer will judge you by looking at your entire body language. Be careful while interacting with them and don’t hesitate to answer anything they ask. Be polite and kind to answer them. They will judge you by how you represent yourself, including your background, your ability to articulate yourself as well as the way you interact with them.

Prepare your own sets of questions

At the end of the interview, you will be given the chance to clarify your doubts and query by asking them some relevant questions. It will show that you are eagerly waiting to visit their country. Don’t ask unnecessary questions to them as it will not make them impressed.

Getting the opportunity to visit the most audacious and glamorous city of the world is a lifetime experience and at any cost you don’t want to lose the chance to visit this amazing place. To avoid any such chance, it’s better to consult with Dubai tourist visa agent as they are the one who has enough knowledge on the visa procedure and will assure you to get your visa on time.