How Nail Polish Boxes Personalization May Affect Brand Sales?

How Nail Polish Boxes Personalization May Affect Brand Sales?

Boxes, a simple word that looks easier to understand but technically a lot of things could be done with it. Seriously, this is the world’s most consumable thing that moves side by side of every product. That’s why its paramount and immense importance has forced the industry to look upon it. Its core process, procedures, methods, impacts and effects on the environment require essential attention by the packaging engineers.

Here in this article, I will elaborate on all such concept pertaining to nail polish boxes because the trend of 2018 has clearly shown that cosmetic items business is groomed. In addition to this, a nail polish, yes a large number of SME’s are growing in the market on a daily basis. Almost every second women and girl daily use this item as well as its remover. Handsome collection and stock of variety is consumed and available in the market.

Personalization – The real concept

A simple and well-known term “personalization”, have a greater impact on the psychology of the consumer. Think If your nail polish totally looks like a personal one, surely there would be a strong impact on customer mind. The personalization is to create a better unboxing experience. The properly managed and designed packaging of nail polish help customer to understand its opening, handling and carrying. Rigid style luxury boxes have a long life, these are personalized and loved by the consumer. A personalized box contains the following features.

  • Unique in shape
  • Easily manageable
  • Handy and stylish
  • With properly instructed and adorable
  • Precautions and ingredients are properly mentioned
  • Eco-friendly material made
  • Attractive and adorable
  • Long lasting
  • Proper bar code to track the sales for retailers
  • Easily manageable 

Personalization is mandatory and essential in all aspects of life, in 2019 the trend of packaging has changed to a personalized and customized one. Now the Packaging P is considered as the fifth “P” in the marketing mix and it is placed at the top of the list of marketers.

Branding – the 101 of branding

Branding is an identity, it may be a symbol, sign, text, logo, product name and signature of a company that becomes the word of the mouth or the identity of the company. The branding of nail polish items is possible through the strategic management of the product. This is not limited to the boxes only but extends to the quality of the polish. In order to stand out of the competition, the fifth P is necessary to be focused, so logo, symbol, sign on the pack always represent your parent company and by using the same tactics in addition to the marketing strategy, a large number of cosmetic brands are appearing in the USA on annual basis. The brand always has goodwill and this is considered as the biggest asset of the company. In the long run, the branding gives more fruit monetarily.

How branding impacts the targeted audience?

The branding has a direct relationship with the targeted audience. Actually, the targeted audience defines the purpose and methods of branding. Different culture has different traditions and ways of marketing but the segmentation of products is sometimes required to cover and satisfy a culture. For example, Nestle has a different branding strategy in the USA and UK. The reason behind this is the constitutional requirements of two different regions. Laws of placing the ad on TV are different in the USA and UK. Same goes to all marketing channels that yield towards branding. In addition to this, placing a logo on the box in some areas of UK is prohibited by the law. So, there are always different strategies used in different regions of the world. Few impacts of branding on the targeted audience are listed here:

  • This attracts the customer of a culture
  • Companies can target them and get more sales
  • Custom boxes could be used to target a specific region
  • Culture base packaging express the targeted audience and feel them personalized
  • The trust in a product is built through branding

Few examples of brand building merely through packaging

A large number of examples are available in the market, NYC products, Zoya nail polish, L’Oréal polishes have mainly focused on quality as well as boxes of nail polish. The best thing they follow is to obtain custom printed boxes for products. In addition to this Keune cosmetics have a black colour theme, so it’s bottles and packaging both are in black colour. Moreover, all large scale business invest huge amount on branding. So, by investing in your products with boxes, nail polish brands could be built.

Co-relation between branding and personalization

The branding and personalization have direct relation, both work side by side and personalization leads towards branding. Personalized packaging as mention above is always attractive and easy to remember for the customers. So, unique shapes are easy to remember and always leads towards branding. So, personalization is the key to success for those who love branding.

Importance of nail polish boxes in business

After all, about packaging, the importance of nail polishes should be known before starting its business. The production of nail polish requires glass bottles, pigments, and a license. Just getting skilled labour and producing a large amount will not help now, in order to restrain them from colliding and interacting with each other smart and intelligent packaging is required. The target audience of beauty products are only women, they have sensitive and soft nature so the first impression of your product should attract them. In this way the only efforts you can put on the packaging is creativity. Do something extraordinary and up to the mark and this will have better results for your business growth.

How to build a brand through packaging?

The fifth P is essential and leads to the branding, no doubt the proper marketing strategy, viral marketing, proper advertisement on all channels leads to the brand. Multiple impression of the product is first required for sale. Here packaging is considered as the first and foremost factor in branding. Furthermore, solid advertisements, up to the mark quality and introduction of the brand name are essentials of the branding.

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