How Efficacious Packaging of Flight and Hotel Booking Feature can Enhance Travel Business


The tremendous proliferation of travel industry is not new to the world anymore. It’s been more than a decade that travelers are getting more facilities from travel agencies while booking a travel service. It gives them a complete package of travel itinerary, thus making them come back every time they need to purchase the service. The number of travelers, booking travel service through travel portal is increasing and according to a survey, it has crossed one million users worldwide. To facilitate such huge number is not anyone’s cup of tea if they don’t have an exposure to the largest inventory of travel service suppliers worldwide. Here, travel service suppliers indicate the major global airlines connecting global destinations, hotels, bus service, car rental, cruise etc.

Every next travel agency is going online to scale up their business and it has become a necessity for them to create an online travel reservation system that ensures expanding of the customer-base of any agency. The web-based channel must have the ability to build an effective packaging of flight and hotel service. Dynamic packaging enables the traveler to create their own package of flights and accommodation in lieu of buying a pre-defined package. The customer can pick and design their own travel itinerary according to their convenience, which makes the online travel agency more reliable for clients.

As a travel agency, when you decide to go online and build up travel booking software, it connects you with flight and hotel booking option which is the basic requirement of any traveler. The idea of travel agency has been introduced to make transport booking easy initially, but later accommodation facility has been integrated and as the market demand is expanding its wings, more and more amenities have been coming to forefront and are finding its way through such web-based channels.

To fulfill the requirements of frequently changing demands of global traveler, travel agencies need a network that can join them up with each flight and hotel, so that they can further deliver the real-time data on availability of flights and hotels of required destination, seat layout, price, facilities and many more.

When a travel agency considers integrating flight API and hotel API into their existing website, it empowers them to deliver dynamic product range to travelers that can cater to the needs of the millennial travelers.

  • Deal with supplier negotiated contracts- content, inventory, pricing options
  • Integrate with GDS API to connect with external supplier channels
  • Sell packages on multiple channels
  • A retailer can offer their own dynamic packages
  • Increase revenues and sales margin
  • Administer markups and commissions
  • Automate operations and boost efficiency with an integrated back office and accounting system
  • Create accounting, management, operational or custom reports
  • Produce vouchers, itineraries, generate invoice etc.

Consumers can customize the travel itinerary from the existing options and the responsive and instant search result display options make it an easy experience for the clients. They can select their own preferred dates, time and destination as per their requirements and convenience. With a dynamic packaging of flight and hotels, OTAs can empower themselves to become the first choice of customers