How Digital Trends Have Shaped Wikipedia For Online Businesses

Wikipedia Page Writing

Some professionals belonging to numerous industries have claimed Wikipedia to be unreliable but that is only a cloud of misconception that has been slowly swept away. For that reason, the uses of Wikipedia have transformed to an extent too. It is not only merely used as an online encyclopedia as it used to be. You might have used Wikipedia for your research paper back in college but in the present time, Wikipedia is being used for online promotions and marketing purposes.

Nobody could have imagined that an encyclopedia site would be one day used for both search engine optimization and content marketing but the reality is in front of you. Now professionals, emerging celebrities, writers and brand owners happen to be searching for a Wikipedia page creator that could help them curate the content they need for better online recognition and reputation on the internet.

Now that you are well aware of the fact, the next step is to know how you can build a better representation for yourself or your business.

Steps to know for Wikipedia page creation

Here are the following tips that you can thoroughly follow to earn a reputable name for yourself on Wikipedia.

Have a detailed profile

In order to capture the attention of those who visit your page in the first try, you would have to add useful yet extensive information to the page. Wikipedia is an open source community so the only way to be visible there is to have a quality presence through your profile. Edit all the attributes of your page, ranging from the history to the day it was created to show utmost authenticity to the readers.

Find a solution for edit reverts

When you have faced rejections from your edits, you should know that the content is not good enough to be accepted by the moderators and editors at Wikipedia. Before you send out more edits to your page, find where you have fallen short. You might be adding false information or the content quality might not be up to par with the standard of Wikipedia. First, find out the root cause and only then submit your page or article for the edits you want to make.

Keep an eye on popular pages

For those who have a Wikipedia page and their work has also been approved should know of some hidden Wikipedia features. You might not have known of this but you can follow and watch pages relevant to yours or those that are important to you. So, once you begin to follow those pages, you will be notified whenever any change or update has been made to the content.

The requisite of notability

If you have taken a look at Wikipedia guidelines, you must have known by now that only notable individuals or companies can get a page on the platform. This notion is called a notability test that every person eager to have a wiki page should clear first. Calling it a test is only metaphorical as notability for Wikipedia is correlated to whether your name has been covered by authentic external sources or not. If yes, then you are eligible for a page for sure.

Useful external links

When adding external links to your wiki page, make sure the pages do not require any sort of registration to view the content on the site further. If that is the case, the moderators could consider the content as spam and either remove it or ban you for good from the platform if it becomes too frequent. Only add external links that comply with the content written and have absolutely no option for registration or sign-ups.  

Divide content into categories

Before you begin to make your own page, be sure to go through the existing popular pages to understand how the content has been classified. You do not have to add a lot of categories but dividing them yearly or by unique categories is always a tactic that does wonders for smooth and quick readability.

Establish an association with wiki editors

In order to get support from Wikipedia, you would first have to form an alliance of some sort with the moderators and editors at Wikipedia. This rule is only essential to follow when you have duly made up your mind regarding the use of Wikipedia as a marketing tool. Be sure to contribute in authentic edits to convey to other editors that you are eager to make Wikipedia error-free.


Wikipedia originated from an entirely different concept but the face it has gotten today is a lot different from what it was not more than two decades ago. This notion simply explains how digital advancements have influenced so many online mediums including Wikipedia but this change is a positive upgrade, not a drawback for Wikipedia.