How Can You Make Your Apps Shine Using iOS 12

How Can You Make Your Apps Shine Using iOS 12

The iOS 12 is the latest upgraded version from Apple which offers developers ample reasons to rejoice. Although the changes can seem to be subtle still there are multiple opportunities which the app developers can avail to add something extra to their apps. This can be done by leveraging features like ARKit 2, 3D touch, Siri Shortcuts etc. With respect to hardware, Apple has come out with faster A12 chip, new watch series 4 and bigger screen sizes.

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Let us have a look at the following points to know what is in store for the developers who are working with iOS 12.

These are:

Siri Shortcuts: Using the new Siri Shortcuts, you can act smartly as it will enable you to select which actions are to be directly performed on Siri Shortcuts without actually opening the applications. This scenario may appear as negative to few developers. They may think that is not good for the users’ engagement. Questions about revenue, interaction and advertisements will arise if actions can be performed without opening the apps. Now let us think in another way. If you can perform your desired functions using the shortcut, lots of time can be saved in the process. It will facilitate to utilise your time in a qualitative way.

ARKit 2: If you can check out the keynote video, you must have watched the part where objects are accurately and effortlessly measured by the iPhone to obtain diagonal measurements along with height, length and width. This has truly fascinated lots of people. Although there are lots of apps with similar features, as it is available as an important feature of the iPhone, the developers can experience a world of opportunities here. This has been made possible owing to the advanced new ARKit 2.

With this, you can avail a markerless AR experience. Just by simply pointing your phone at a plane, you can obtain its details, identify the place, do precise object detection and lots more. Thus it can be said that ARKit 2 can offer you amazing AR ideas which can be experienced by using iOS apps.

Health records: If you belong to the industry of healthcare apps, then this is good news for you. There are provisions in iOS 12 which can help you secure confidential clinical records via read-only access. Now the HealthKit Store has Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources.

So if you want to use any consulting or fitness apps within the periphery of healthcare, you can provide options to access, save and share medical records with concerned medical practitioners, nutritionists for improving the app experience. You can use Xcode’s Simulator to experience how it works.

Interactive Notifications: People those who are familiar with the earlier versions of iOS must know how exhausting notifications were. If you just leave your phone unused for some time, you will find its screen locked and cluttered by notifications. IOS 12 will help you in fixing this issue by improving notifications to a great extent. Not only it facilitates in grouping notifications of similar types, but also offers different controls in making it interactive. The full message on the notification screen can be revealed by simply touching the information. Thus actions are conducted quickly thereby saving valuable time and energy.

Effects: Memphis, Animojis, iOS stickers have made the users fall in love with those over the years. With the coming of iOS 12, these features have become more funny and advanced so that the users can be attracted and engaged for long. While iMessaging, users can access varied camera effects. There is a camera button in the text window using which the users can take photos and attach those while sending messages. Also, a wide variety of effects such as filters, shapes, Memoji, Animoji can be added with the photos.

Conclusion: Thus you can see that iOS 12 has a whole lot of features that can make the users; function smooth, convenient and secured. You can avail plenty of mobile app development services in USA having expertise in making iOS apps customised for the users.

Author Bio: Mr Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a renowned mobile app development company in the USA. Being the head of the organization, he is keenly involved in looking after the customers’ preferences and devising measures to serve them.