How Can The Business Owner Raise Employee’s Productivity?

How Can The Business Owner Raise Employee’s Productivity?

Business owners that used to of investing heavy amount on their business firms often got offended by their employees. The reasons behind employers and employees heated arguments usually happens because of employees time wasting activities, fishy activities and others alike that really become the factor of decreasing the productivity. Therefore, employees these days are looking forward to have such type of tool that empowers them to keep the company’s owned digital devices under constant surveillance.

So, since the technology has been revolutionized it has come up with the plenty of technological tools that enable employers to protect the business owned data within the device and allow you to keep a secret eye on employees each and every single activity. Let’s discuss how a business owner raises employee’s productivity.

Install cell phone & PC spy software on company’s owned devices?

You know the business owner provide their employees’ cell phones and computer devices connected to the internet. They provide these devices to raise the productivity of the business, but they exactly opposite and waste time on social media apps and on websites, browsing activities to get entertained and few try to temper the secret data to sell it for monetary reasons.

Therefore, employers can track employee’s activities within the working hours with the use of cell phone and computer tracking app.

Get started with installation:

The very first step that you need do is to visit the official web page of the employee monitoring app for mobile phones and PCs. Moreover, you need to subscribe for phone and computer spy software and you will receive login ID and password at your given email address.

In addition, you need to get physical access on the target device and once you have it then you need to get started with the process of installation. Once you have ended up with it successfully then you need to activate it on the target device.

Moreover, you need to use the passcode and ID to login to the employee monitoring app online control panel. In addition, you will be able to get access to the cell phone and computer spy app features that allow you to raise your business productivity by making a check on your employees.

Use cell phone and Pc tracking app tools to raise business productivity

Mobile phone & computer monitoring features

Call recording

Employers can record the incoming and outgoing calls of the company’s customer care representatives in order to check their behavior and conduct with the clients on cell phone calls. You can do it with the secret call recording app that allows users to record and listen to the calls in real –time and get to know each and everything being discussed on cell phone calls.

Live screen recording for PC

End-user being an employer can record of the target windows or MAC screen of an employee within short back to the back video in real –time with the use of live screen recorder for the computer. It will enable employers to know about know social media activities, browsing activities, YouTube activities and email screen recording. An employer can use this feature and get to know on each and every single activity of the employees in real –time.

IM’s social media

Employers can get the logs of the social media apps activities of employees on the company’s owned devices. You can get the logs of social media platforms in terms of messages, conversations, shared media and voice messages.

Data back up

You can use data backup and you can retrieve the data of the employee’s devices if someone somehow has deleted it from the company’s owned devices.


Cell phone and PC monitoring app empower the end user to keep employees activities under surveillance and at the end of the day, your employees become disciplined for their assigned tasks. It means you will stay updated employees work performance and you can hold them accountable.