How a System Helps To Induce Employees to Integrate Your New Collaborators


Hiring a new employee and having your resignation at the desk in a short time is one of the most disappointing results of a selection process, either because of a lack of interest in the position or a lack of alignment with the culture of the company. When this happens, all the time, budget and dedication to their hiring goes to the trash; therefore, it is important to have a system for inducing employees that helps to put on an appropriate staging and welcome to achieve not only that the new employee remains in the company, but to maintain the enthusiasm with which he said yes to the offer.

Before we begin to explain how technology can help improve the first steps of your employees within the company, we will teach you some basic tips to develop a successful integration program:

  • The integration process must be designed in such a way that generates enthusiasm in the new employee, seeks to include activities of interest and an agenda with which the professional feels useful and productive during the first days. Take advantage of having more availability to give you information about the functions for which you have no prior experience.
  • It includes gifts or any type of merchandising of the company that helps to develop feeling of belonging.
  • Inform the rest of the team about the new addition. It is important to convey to the rest of the employees the arrival of a new member and the contribution that this will have in the company, this will help to offer a warm welcome.
  • Take care of the details and make the new employee feel comfortable.
  • Prepare your work site, present it to the rest of the team.
  • Organize a meal or any type of informal meeting with your colleagues on your first day, it is a good way to facilitate your socialization.
  • Avoid slow and tedious formations.
  • Streamline paperwork, automating the process with the help of software can help you achieve this.

 How can an induction system for employees help integrate your new collaborators?

Organizations have begun to make efforts to improve the way they introduce new employees to day-to-day in the office using new technologies specially designed to achieve optimal integration such as a system for employee induction . You do not have software of this type? Next, we show you how a system for inducing employees to integrate your new collaborators helps.

What is a software for employee induction?

A system or software for the induction of employees is a technology designed especially to leave in the past the manual execution of induction programs in companies. Most of these systems are part of a human resources software and have functionalities with which human resources professionals can develop an onboarding and guarantee the learning, participation and commitment of all those involved .

Next, let’s see in detail how an induction software can help employees integrate the new professionals that enter your company.

How a human resources software helps to integrate new collaborators.

  1. Integration from the first day

Previously, employees were welcome with a large amount of paperwork and processes that, in addition to being overwhelming, delayed the activities and workflows of the company and everyone involved. Now, the times have changed and with a software of human resources the hiring can be much faster and efficient.

One of the most obvious ways in which this system can help improve the process of onboarding in companies is thanks to its ability to guide the process of integration of new employees , even long before they join the office.

This platform facilitates the management of the first steps of the employee within the company and serves as a direct support to the recruiter, managers and, of course, the new employees.

Employees can complete the paperwork easily from home and the human resources manager receives it automatically, at the same time as it is integrated into the system. Everyone can save time and instead of spending the first days filling out chips, employees can begin to develop their tasks and meet their responsibilities from day one.

  • Increased efficiency

With a software of human resources the companies can save time and money, at the same time that they develop an effective onboarding. Human resources professionals can be much more efficient during the hiring and induction of the new employee in the company.

In addition, this type of system offers an easy and intuitive interface to use that not only meets the needs of the company, but also the interests and demands of new professionals by simplifying administrative steps, shortening unnecessary steps and ensuring an efficient shipment .

  • Guarantees learning

A system for employee induction or also known as onboarding software offers functionalities with which your company can offer new collaborators development and learning opportunities.

New employees can complete their profile and detail their interests, skills, talents or specialties and based on all these data the system suggests tailored development plans tailored to them.

  • Greater commitment and participation

Are you worried about the fact that you cannot get your new collaborators to commit to your company? With a system for employee induction this is under control.

A software of this type offers tools that allow you to make a good impression from the first day, design integration plans that adapt to the needs of each employee, send welcome material and even integration manuals with which new income can begin to develop a sense of belonging, participation and commitment with your company. In fact, new employees can “know” their colleagues before they even see them in person.

A company that aims for success must develop effective onboarding programs to be more productive, decrease employee turnover, count on quality talent and become a reputable employer in the sector.

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