A Way Out to HME Prior Authorization with PriorAuth Online

HME Prior Authorization

The process of the prior authorization process is not going to change soon. This is why rather than cribbing about the complex time consuming prior authorization, we should more focus on solving the barrier that encounters during the process.

The barrier in the prior authorization process:

  • Incorrect information– the main reason for all prior authorization delay or denial is improper or incorrect information. This is why healthcare providers are opting for outsourcing their prior authorization process these days. As it not only ensure accuracy during the process but also helps in the faster authorization process.

  • Poor communication —for authorization a proper communication is required between healthcare providers, payers, physicians and billers as it helps to achieve the authorization process faster.

  • Outdated Information — prior authorization rules and regulation are often changing so billing staff needs to access the latest information, as a single mistake can lead to delay and denial resulting in a delay for the patients too.

  • Lack of expert resources — Experts are always required for such radiology, genomic lab, HME prior authorization and for all other prior authorization processes. as it gives easy assesses reaching out to the amount of claims paid and unpaid and the reason behind the problems that are causing lost revenue. 

The Perfect HME Prior Authorization Solution: 

PriorAuth Online powered by Sunknowledge Services is a web-based authorization platform to analyze and give healthcare providers a comprehensive solution for the radiology, genomic lab, HME prior authorization and 20 other specialties prior authorization. Ensuring complete monitoring, submitting, initiation, approval and follow up of prior authorization process we help in increasing timely approvals rate.  With 100% prior authorization on the same day, we also reduce the operational cost by 80%. A real-time audit and a faster prior authorization submissions, our team of trained resources handled mandate complete coverage of all prior authorization requirements while increasing your authorization rate by 1.5-2x.

Being the perfect answer for your HME prior authorization we also excel in both pre-billing and post billing services including:

  • Order Entry
  • Eligibility Verification and Authorization
  • Doctor Office Follow-up
  • Order Confirmation
  • Scheduling of Delivery

Collection and Billing:

  • Creation of Claims
  • Claims Submission & Rejections
  • Cash Posting
  • A/R Follow-up
  • Rejection & Denial Management

For more information on how our experts can ease your pain point for HME prior authorization with streamline operation and financial upliftment, get in touch with us over a ‘no commitment call’.