HME/DME Prior Authorization: We Do it All For You!


Excellent references from leading industry participants in the DME/HME segment; Sunknowledge Services Inc is a complete RCM destination in healthcare. We offer task-specific responsibilities in eligibility verification, prior authorization, HME prior authorization, denial management, and accounts receivable collections. The best part of working with us, we offer excellent support with transition and extend unparalleled operational transparency at the best productivity standards in the market place.

Over the last decade, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been setting the trend in practice management/ revenue cycle management for some of the biggest names in the industry. We partner with our clients and work as your desired operational arm, deliver according to your best practices and protocols, prepare a detailed process manually to work according to your mandates.

Our Team Delivers The Following Services in HME/DME Prior Authorization

Authorization Initiation

  • Calling up insurance to find the authorization filing procedure and turnaround time
  • Gathering prior-authorization form and relevant medical documents from the providers
  • Submission of the authorization request (fax/online/call) to the payer along with relevant documentation (if required)
  • Tracking of Fax receipts

Authorization Follow-up

  • Communicating with the payer to check the status of the authorization as per the turnaround time protocol of the payer.
  • It also involves sharing additional notes as per payers’ requirement

Acknowledgment of Authorization Approval

  • Updating approved authorization in the providers’ practice management system
  • Complete documentation on the start and end date for the Authorization approval, service information and provider information

Leverage the Sunknowledge Advantage in HME/DME Prior Authorization

  • Guaranteed reduction of operational cost by 70%
  • Prompt service with a consistent accuracy rate of 99.9%
  • Increase your current rate of completed requests by 1.5 – 2x
  • The only RCM Company specializing in Pre Certification
  • Extensive experience in adjudicating claims for large Payers
  • Serving the best names in the DME/HME world

Looking for a complete pre-billing effort in HME/ DME? We are just a call away! Give us an opportunity to share with you our complete action plan in DME prior authorization. Reduce your billing costs by 80%, experienced an improved cash flow with our specialized intervention.

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