Reasons Why Outsourcing Your HME Billing is Always a Profitable Option


An HME billing process requires vast knowledge and experience about Medicare, Medicaid, and commercials plans. Every person handling the HME billing needs to be constant up to date with the billing software, coding, documentation requirement, and changes reimbursements regulation.

Benefits of outsourcing your HME billing:

Decreased Overhead cost – if you are spending a huge amount on your employee staffs and still not satisfied, it’s time to opt for outsourcing option. Outsourcing not only helps in reducing the extra overhead cost but with those resources one can focus more on the patients care and other operative area and technology.

Increased Transparency – outsourcing helps in providing regular reports that highlight key changes in important trends for the benefit of healthcare providers.

Reduced in Denial rate – all billing process always experience some sought of denial. When you are working with an outsourcing option for your HME billing, piling up denial won’t be an issue and even careful attention is paid during the process which reduces the chances of errors, In fact, outsource hme billing organization takes care of denial within 24-48 hour, like Sunknowledge Services Inc is one of them.

Improved your Collections rate – the main component in choosing an outsourcing option is for experiencing improvement in the collection rate. In fact, outsourcing option that ensures the highest number claims always opted.  This successfully adjudicated on the first submission, translate into faster payment. This indirectly improves the overall revenue generation.

Constantly updated – changing regulations and industry best practices can be difficult to track for an individual or even hospital. However, an RCM partner is always up to date with all new regulation that not only reduces the chances of denial but also speeds up the payments process.

How Sunknowledge can help you in HME billing?

Sunknowledge Services Inc a task-specific practice management/ revenue cycle management organization is the perfect fit for all HME billing because, with more than 10 years of experience, Sunknowledge has been providing successful customized medical billing solution to almost all the healthcare providers in the US. As more than 50% of our work involves in HME domain, our expert resources have a track record of 99.9% accuracy rate in all the billing process and even has proficiency in working on several industries standard and billing software like SOS Brightree, Futura which is rare in this domain.

Reducing your operational cost by 80%, our expert can meet and beat any price in the market. So if you are looking for an operational extension partner for your HME billing, Sunknowledge is the one-stop destination for all medical billing problems.