How to Hire App Developers at Best Hourly Rate

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In most of the articles, you must have read about the tips and tricks to find the top mobile app developers to accomplish the project. And undoubtedly, many entrepreneurs have adopted the listed ways to cross-check whether they are moving to the right track to find the best app developers.

But has the thought ever clicked in your mind that how do you find the top mobile app developers at best hourly rates? The process of hiring app developers is based on a variety of factors including the location, skills, market experience, credibility and many more. And when it comes to choosing the app developers on an hourly basis, the practice includes the time duration required to build particular functionalities. 

Suppose, you want to build an app like Uber, so, here, you need to define the time (in hours) numerous functionalities require to develop a robust ride-hailing app. A ride-sharing app is composed of a passenger app and a driver app that requires different features and functionalities to run flawlessly that ultimately consumes a specific amount of time and money. 

Know the Average Hourly Rate of App Developers

On average, mobile app developers charge around $61-80 for an hour to develop an app. The price may fluctuate according to the platform and functional requirements of the clients.

Let’s have a look at the average hours spend to develop and integrate features in a taxi booking app. 

Passenger App  iOS Android  Backend 
Registration 40 40 40
Card Details 40 16-32 80
Locations 40 40 80
Request Results 56-64 80 48
Fare Calculator 16-24 16-24 80-120
Driver Tracking  24-40 40 40
Payments 80
Review & Rating 32-48 56 80
Booking History 16-32 40 40
Push Notifications 40-80 40-80 40
Total (Hours) 304-408 368-432 608-648


Driver App iOS Android Backend
Registration 40-80 40 40
Booking 40-80 80 40-80
Status 40 40 40
Booking History 16-32 40 40
Total (Hours) 136-232 200 160-200


Although the admin panel has limited functionalities to build, but it still been considered the most crucial part to be developed with quality. 

To develop an admin panel, developers need to work on:

  • Login page
  • Admin profile management
  • Driver activity management including booking, profiles, and payment history
  • Passenger management to streamline profiles, booking and payment activities
  • Fare management 
  • Dashboard

As per app developers, it takes around 240 hours to build these admin panel functionalities. And when you roughly multiple these total hours with average developers’ hourly cost, you’ll get the final cost to develop this most important section of your app. Similarly, you can calculate the amount to be spent on other aspects of your app. 

Choosing between freelancers and companies

While hiring top mobile app developers for your project, be sure to focus on the difference in hourly rates developers charge for different engagement types like part-time, temp, and freelance. On the other hand, if you want to hand over your project to a full-time app developer, the charges might differ and even more than other cases. 

Here, the puzzle which you need to solve is to choose between a reliable company and a freelancer. No matter you choose a freelancer or a team of experienced developers from a leading mobile app development company, ask them to define the time (in hours) to develop the required features. 

This is the only way you can get a clear picture of the overall cost you’ll need to spend to develop a quality mobile app

Final Thought

Mobile app development should not be considered a cheap investment because sometimes cheap things can sometimes result in frequent app issues that can further cost over the life of the product. To completely eliminate this hassle, entrepreneurs should invest a proper amount of time and money so that they can attain a robust revenue-generating product for their business.