High Quality Printed Shell Scheme Foamex Panels

Foamex Panels

For those of you who do not know, and want to understand what a shell scheme panel is? You are in the right place!. Shell Schemes are structures that are constructed, in trade shows or exhibitions, events, and are actually used to create a division in the space, in which the exhibition is going on, to create separate booths. If you are a business that has booked a trade show and now have your own shell scheme space, it is time to promote your brand. The best way of doing so is by using high-quality printed shell scheme Foamex panels. Not only does it show professionalism, but it is also one of the most cost-effective manners of advertising there is. Everyone knows that marketing a brand at a trade-show means that you have to spend extensively on creating promotional material for advertising.

A shell scheme Foamex panel, becomes such an asset for your exhibition space since it is printed on high-quality materials and is also extremely easy to assemble. In fact, a shell scheme Foamex panel would only take a couple of minutes for assembling, as all they need is just to attach themselves to the wall of your shell scheme. Most shell scheme banners come with Velcro fasteners, that can be used to secure them into place. Hence, when looking for high-quality shell scheme Foamex panels you need to look at us, as we give you the most cost-effective rates that are there in the market when you compare us to other sellers.

Shell scheme Foamex panels are printed on to Foamex by using the best quality ink which creates an almost photograph-like effect in terms of clarity. Apart from this being made out of 3 mm Foamex they are extremely durable and well — that is if you take care of them correctly. If you are in the road doing exhibition and trade shows back-to-back, you can use your shell scheme Foamex panel again and again — without being bothered about anything.

For those of you who want to transport your panels instead of having pre-fixed stands at an exhibition booth – keeping in mind people who have to attend multiple events is let’s say a short duration of time. Rigid shell scheme Foamex panels are meant for people who are not concerned about mobility or travelling logistics of the panels. One of the best things about getting high-quality shell scheme panels that they can be customised to fit any of your needs without having to compromise on the quality in any way. Apart from this the ease of transportation with sturdy velcro panels actually makes it less of a hassle to install the panels, which is one of the best things about them.

For a printing company like ours, which pays utmost attention to details, regarding not only our products but the requirements of our customers as well, all you really need to do is send us an email regarding whatever your requirements are, and we will make sure that our team of experts will make your needs be met. Our trained and experienced staff is always ready to lend you a helping hand and offer you genuine advice that can help you decide upon whichever panel you want to choose. All you need to do for customising your high quality printed shell scheme Foamex panel is leave us a set of instructions regarding your requirements in a mail or customer notes while you are checking out and order and our customer representative will let in touch with you to guide you and make sure that everything transitions smoothly.

Choosing the best kind of design that highlights your brand is what can set your brand apart from all the other brands at the exhibition. If you have a design in mind we will provide you with the highest quality of printing resolution for your 3mm Foamex or 5mm Foamex panels. In case, you do not have a design in place we can help you in doing the as well. Our team of designers will help you in designing the creatives as well that will ensure that your booth grabs all the attention. So go ahead and contact us for your high quality, shell scheme Foamex panels, we will make sure that yours makes you stand apart!