We may not be known for the rain here in wellington, but that does not mean that your windows never get wet. If you live near the wellington area, you are likely to end up with salt on your windows. Service Solutions, water from sprinklers or hoses can hit your windows.

Anyone can leave stains and dull their windows. Landscape water is often “hard” water, which means it is full of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, as well as other metals and compounds. Water evaporates, but these mineral deposits literally stay.

Although glass seems to be a smooth surface with the naked eye, it is actually porous. If salt and hard water stains are left, they can cause permanent damage to the windows. An ounce of prevention, in this case, cleaning, is definitely worth a pound of cure, since at that time your only recourse is to replace your windows.

Of course, you will not run outside and windows cleaning every time you run your sprinklers. (although it does not hurt to make sure you don’t have taps that directly hit your home or office building) A regular and professional windows cleaning can remove stains of hard water or salt from the windows.

Eliminating accumulation and offering a clear view once again. Professional window cleaning teams have the equipment to deal with a variety of mineral deposits, not to mention the reach of the windows in inaccessible places.

If you have hard water stains that you want to try to solve, simply rinsing with normal soap and water is not enough. Instead of breaking the Window, create a solution that is half water and half white vinegar. Why vinegar? Its acidity helps to break down minerals, softening the spots that have adhered to your glass.

Although it may seem tempting to scrape the glass, it is important to be kind. Soak a cloth or chamois towel in your water and vinegar solution and press it against the stains, then clean to remove deposits. You may have to repeat this process several times to remove stains. The same technique you can use to carpet cleaners wellington.

This same technique can be used to eliminate salt accumulation. Again, it is important to use a mild cleanser. For really thick salt, you can use a plastic bristle brush, but don’t push down. Another option for caked salt is to use a commercial lime removal spray instead of a vinegar solution.

One thing to remember when it comes to hard water stains that are hard to remove. Salt buildup and other window cleaning problems: if you end up using too much grease on your elbow and scratch, scrape, crack or even break a window, the insurance does not It is likely to help you.

In contrast, the damage of a licensed contractor, such as a window cleaning company, is covered. That said, you are less likely to end up with any of those results when working with professionals. Professional glass cleaners regularly face problems such as salt and mineral deposits and have experience in safe and thorough disposal.

If stains of hard water or salt accumulation blur your eyesight, call Freedom Window Cleaners Wellington today at 0223942370 for more information about our professional and affordable services. We serve residential and commercial clients throughout Tauranga and the north of the county. We would love to help you improve your vision!