Great Ideas On How To Use Sod In Your Home

Sod Farms in Georgia

Creative people are always in search of new ways to make different things more beautiful. But when others who don’t have esthetic sense try to create something unique; it ultimately ends in disaster and the end product looks unattractive. Much of this also depends on the material that you are using. There are many items when used in a proper way can create pretty things.

One example of such material is sod grass which you can obtain from sod farms in Georgia. It is not the ordinary grass that is grown in the home; sod grass is manufactured in bulks at farms. The genetics of the grass is enhanced according to the user which makes the creation period fast and it can develop into proper sod in days.

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Sod Grasses for Home from Sod Farms in Georgia:

You must have heard and read that these sods are used for massive areas, but they can also be installed in small areas. The farms from where you purchase them will provide you will the length you need. But keep in mind that this measurement is different from various manufacturers. The producers provide you with the following varieties for your home.

Kentucky bluegrass:

If you have children who love to run around the lawn all day then this kind of grass is perfect. It needs less maintenance and can repair on its own. It is the best working is in cool and moderate weather. The extremely hot season is dangerous for it.

Fine Fescue:

The areas where there are many trees then you might consider fine fescue because it can grow very well under the shade because ordinary grass can’t grow under low sunlight. Be careful to put it where foot traffic is minimal. 

Perennial Ryegrass:

This grass has a high growth rate that other sod grass. It has several varieties that can be used in heat and drought areas. But the basic type is the grass of the cold weather. It has the ability to mix up with other sods and create a beautiful lawn.

Emerald Zoysia sod in Atlanta:

It is ideal for the regions where the sun shines the brightest also it can withstand cold also. But aggressive weather can cause damage; although it can recover the process is slow. Less water is needed and it can also take water in the ground because of the deep running roots.

Tall Fescue:

The regions where rain is scarce you can install tall fescue without worrying about the maintenance. Its roots also like the emerald Zoysia goes deep into the soil and has the ability to survive the periods of drought.

Bermuda grass:

Bermuda grass can tolerate both the cold and extreme weather that can reach up to 80 or 90 degrees. Water can be given weekly or when you think it is necessary. Its versatile qualities make it popular amongst people for home use.

Great Ideas for Home Décor: 

There are different innovative ideas on how to sue sod grass that you purchased from Atlanta Sod Farm outside and especially inside the homes. You will be startled on the different and great ways you can utilize these varieties of sod grass mentioned above.

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Outdoor Furniture:

A new trend has been in the market in which sofa sets are placed in the lawns. But have you ever thought of using sod grass to make outdoor furniture? No, well start thinking because not only sofas but also loungers and different types of armchairs are been made of it. It creates beauty as well as lowers the temperature of the lawn.

Décor for the Walls:

You can install the sod grass on the walls of your home. There are various types that need very less sunlight to grow so you can use it on the walls inside your home. This new trend is called vertical landscaping, although it is not been used much but is seen in a few houses.

Potted Sod Grass:

As the sod grass can be easily cut into small pieces so it can be potted in pots of various sizes. You can place these pots in different areas or you can install into the dining and centre table with gives elegance to the house.

For the Front and Back Lawn:

If you are not a fan of decorating the house form the inside with this grass then you can always keep it out in the front and back lawns. You can create different themes for both the lawns. There are a lot of great ideas on the internet which you can use.

Landscaping Inside:

As discussed that vertical landscaping is developing so is simple landscaping inside the house. In this different grass is used which can thrive in the shade and with very little light. 

Used as Flooring:

You must have installed wood, tiles and other materials on your floors. Do you want to do something new? Yes, then use sod grass to décor the floor of rooms and stairs. Or there is another option of using it as rugs in rooms.

Apply to Ordinary Furniture:

The different varieties of grass that can be purchased from sod farms in Georgia can be put on various furniture to make it attractive and beautiful. This will also lower the inner temperature by great numbers.